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Tobacco Consumption in Rajasthan

July 18th, 2011 by Isabela Mayer

discount hilton cigarettesIn Rajasthan, tobacco chewing is on the rise. It has increased by 0.1% as compared to smoking. In the state, around 18.9% of the total population chews tobacco while 18.8% population smokes Hilton cigarettes. The figures were released by the World Health Organization last week.

Asthma and tobacco specialist Dr Virendra Singh said, “The number of people chewing tobacco is rising. Chewing tobacco is more dangerous than smoking as it increases chances of cancer. The risk is three times higher in chewing tobacco than smoking because in chewing tobacco essence and supari is mixed, which make it more risky.” The newly-released figures show that smoking among women in Rajasthan is also higher than the national average. In India, 2.9% of total women population smoke but the figure is much higher in Rajasthan. It is around 5.3%.

But the percentage of women chewing tobacco is much higher than smoking. Around 8.5% of women in the state chew tobacco which is much less than the national average. In India around 18.4% women chew tobacco, which is a national average. Besides, the number of people smoking in Rajasthan is higher than the national average percentage. In India, around 14% of people, including men and women smoke while in Rajasthan around 18.8% of people smoke daily.


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