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Map of smoking rates by country

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

map of smoking by country
Nobody lights up like Eastern Europe, where average annual consumption can exceed 2,000 cigarettes per person. The very highest rate is in Serbia, fourth-place Russia. Proposed new restrictions in Russia — modeled after laws in Western countries that coincided with a drop in smoking rates — would limit cigarette advertising and public smoking in Russia, and more than double excise taxes on cigarretes. A Wall Street Journal article on the Kremlin’s campaign details Russia’s cigarette problem.

The international smoking data is mapped out above. It’s a fascinating bit of comparative data, with some potentially surprising pieces of information:

• The highest rates are all in Eastern Europe. The one Eastern European exception is Romania, which had similarly bleak numbers until it enacted tough anti-smoking laws in 1997.

• The biggest smokers outside of Eastern Europe are South Koreans, Kazakhs, and Japanese, in that order. China’s smoking rate still lags behind Korea’s and Japan’s (1,711 cigarettes per person in China versus 1,958 in Korea and 1,841 in Japan), but China is the world’s largest overall consumer of cigarettes. As the country urbanizes and develops, don’t be shocked if they rise in the rankings.

• A 1998 study of Russian smoking habits found a direct correlation between cigarette and alcohol consumption rates and a direct correlation between smoking and exposure to “Western influences,” such as Western tobacco companies marketing cigarettes as symbols of a “glamorous Western lifestyle.”

• Americans rank right in the middle. The U.S. is ranked 34th in the available data, with about a thousand cigarettes consumed per person per year. We’re about tied with the Israelis, the Australians and the Irish.

• In this data set, poorer countries tend to be healthier. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia have some of the lowest smoking rates in the world. Indians smoke only 96 cigarettes per year per person. Ethiopians only 46. If Americans smoked like that, cigarette companies would collapse overnight, but health-care costs would drop dramatically as well; direct health-care costs related to smoking in the United States are estimated at $96 billion per year.

Smoking at Iftar is Unsafe

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

cheap camel cigsThe first cigarette puff immediately after ending the fast can kill a person, doctors explained that while urging Muslim smokers to use the opportunity to quit the habit this Ramadan. Smoking can be harmful for a fasting person whose body is trying to compensate after abstaining from water and food for so long time. Smokers must consider themselves very lucky if they do not contract serious cardiovascular problem, experts added.

“Smoking tobacco is the worst thing a person can do to his body, especially at iftar in Ramadan,” declared Dr Riaz Ahmad Minhas, an expert in internal medicine at the Emirates Clinic and Medical Centre in Al Ain.

At this time, he argued, the body is in greater need of liquids, glucose, and oxygen and smoking tobacco could lead to the contraction of blood vessels, preventing the required flow of oxygen. Smoking cig at such a critical time can also cause the blood to thicken.

This can lead to the blockage of arteries, increase blood pressure, spasms, disturb regular heartbeat, and also increase cholesterol. “It could be fatal and smokers must be informed of that it,” added Dr Minhas.

Dr Ali Jaffar, a physician in Al Ain, explained that inhalation of tobacco at the ending of a fast is highly dangerous to the human body. People do not know how hard it is for their bodies to oppose such a blow at such a time. “If they knew they wouldn’t be so fierce to their own bodies,” he concluded.

Smoking Cigarettes and Unhealthful Foods, Americans Life Style

Monday, May 14th, 2012

cheap karelia cigaretteLetter writer Gilbert Ross suggests that there is no comparison between eating pizza and smoking cigarettes. All of us know that eating meat can increase risk for cancer, heart disease and even premature death. In fact, processed meat and other unhealthful foods kill much more Americans every year than does smoking tobacco.

But this isn’t just my point of view. A large body of investigation discovered the link between processed meat and people’s bad health. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s dietary recommendations noted that the link between processed meat and remediable cancer, and the American Institute for Cancer Research recommended to avoid processed meats.

With obesity people rates estimated to reach 42 percent by end of 2030, more Americans than ever are at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and of course heart disease. Science and common sense connect this increase to poor nutrition, comprising a continual rise in eating of meat and even cheese.

President Obama is a model for millions of Americans and has the power to persuade what inhabitants eat every day. When he caution organized public events, he has a big responsibility to set an example of healthful eating, for the sake of everyone’s health.


Cigarettes Sale Freedom, UK Smokers

Monday, March 12th, 2012

buy marlboro cigaretteMost people have used, heard of, or come in contact with electronic cigarettes by now. The rise of this fledgling industry in the past year has been meteoric as hundreds of new electronic cigarette brands are popping up everywhere. There has also been a wealth of news, good and bad, as the media spotlight shines on this fast growing industry. Freedom, one of the UK’s largest brands is experiencing a surge in retail and wholesale demand. Freedom’s raison d’être is to provide smokers with a real and more sociable alternative to smoking tobacco discount Karelia cigarettes. Listening and understanding customer needs is also high on their agenda.

During last summer they ran experiential concession stands in four of London’s major stations where they collected thousands of smoker’s views on flavors, sensation and product. This information, coupled with good business practice, has helped their aggressive acquisition of UK market share.

Nigel Quine, business development director of Freedom Cigarettes, commented, “We have recently seen a massive rise in sales and customer retention as our plans are starting to come to fruition. Our success in this market has been down to a large amount of customer input, test drives and constantly improving product and procedure. At present, we are looking for larger premises to cope with increasing demand.”

“The next year is crucial for our company as the market is becoming more saturated with many smaller operators nibbling away at market share, as well as major competitors with large investment behind them. Our new range and website, to be launched next month, will take the UK market by storm, offering customers a better quality total product than ever before. I think 2012 will be a very exciting year for Freedom cigarettes!”

Dalli Desires Stricter Smoke-Free Legislation

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

marlboro-cigaretteEU Health Commissioner John Dalli declared that there was a need to revise EU legislation on tobacco products. “Tobacco remains the single most preventable cause of premature death and disease in the European Union,” the commissioner told a conference hosted by the Belgian Foundation against Cancer. “13 million Europeans suffer from diseases related to tobacco smoking. This is more than the entire population of Hungary or the Netherlands, or Portugal.

“Just think how many deaths, how much suffering, and also how much money in treatment we could save, if people did not smoke.”

He noted that the great majority of smokers start smoking when they are teenagers. In some Member States, a tird of 15 year old teenagers smokes.

His main concern, Mr Dalli said, was smoking by children and the factors which led them to start smoking.

“We know that young people start smoking because they are led to think it’s cool. They go on smoking because tobacco is addictive. And later in life, they die out of smoking because tobacco is highly toxic.
“This is why our action needs to focus on young people.”

He asked whether young people, when they looked at a packet of cigarettes, understood what the product was about.

“Do they get the right message about what this product can do to their health? and do they get a consistent message about the dangers of smoking?”

He said he did not think so.

“Our goal should be to ensure that tobacco products – cigarettes in particular – are produced and presented across the European Union in such a way, that they do not encourage or facilitate the uptake of smoking by young people. The key issue is indeed to reduce attractiveness of cigarettes.

“Cigarette packages are increasingly used as marketing tools. Slim, colourful, attractive packages are available on the market.

“Such appealing packaging can mislead people into believing that these products are harmless products like any other, when clearly they are not.”

In Defense of Tobacco

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

bond cigarette onlineWhen Europeans arrived in the New World, they found the natives smoking tobacco, an indigenous leaf the Dominican chronicler Bartolome de las Casas said made them “benumbed and almost drunk.”

From the start, however popular it was among some, tobacco was judged by many to be very bad. King James I of England wrote a treatise against it, damning smoking Bond cigarette as “a custome lothsome to the eye, hatefull to the Nose, harmefull to the braine, dangerous to the Lungs, and in the blacke stinking fume thereof, neerest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomelesse.”

Tobacco is a member of the nightshade family, whose siblings include potatoes, tomatoes and chili peppers, all of which contain some nicotine.

Even those among us who don’t smoke may confess that the smoldering aroma of good pipe tobacco or a fine cigar can be pleasant. The good news is that tobacco can be enjoyed in ways that don’t involve sucking hot smoke into your lungs.

The culinary possibilities of tobacco have been explored by innovative chefs such as Thomas Keller of California’s French Laundry, who infused coffee-flavored custard with tobacco leaf and served it to fellow chef and TV personality Tony Bourdain.

About two years ago, I ate a dinner at Tru that paired small batch Pappy Van Winkle bourbon with several dishes, including a lobster lightly smoked with tobacco. The beverage and leaf, both sons of the American South, were quite complementary, reflecting the fundamental culinary principle that what grows together, goes together.

The James Beard award-winning Chicago chef Carrie Nahabedian of Naha warns, though, that, “You need finesse when dealing with tobacco and food. It’s a fine line between beauty and nausea, just like using too much lemon balm: one minute beautiful and fresh, too much and it’s like a bar of soap.”

Nahabedian once prepared sweetbreads with a veal reduction infused with high-quality tobacco at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles for an Academy Awards party. She remembers the dish as “haunting in flavor and aroma, with a rich, smoky, earthy, leather-scented finish.”

“Haunting” is a good way to describe the flavor of tobacco, which we do not usually associate with fine dining, except, perhaps, in the form of an after-dinner Cohiba.

Which brings us to chef Rick Gresh of David Burke’s Primehouse in the James Hotel, who has been experimenting with a medium amber ale finished with Blue Note pipe tobacco, a relatively sweet and mild Black Cavendish.

Gresh says he brewed this beer without a lot of hops to achieve “a sweet tobacco finish and that sensation of ‘I just smoked and now I’m drinking a beer.’ “

Lighting Up Could Become Costly

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

best marshal cigarettes onlineSmokers are likely to face taxing times as Ministry of Finance has put forward a proposal to introduce a tax of 29 per cent on a pack of Marshal and other cigarettes. A packet of 20 cigarettes is currently sold for Dh7.

The rate of smoking tobacco in UAE (cigarettes/Madwakh/Shisha) among adults is about 18 per cent and among school students of school aged 12 to 15 years stands at about 28.5 per cent. About 10.5 per cent pupils in the UAE smoke cigarettes, while 12 per cent smoke Madwakh and shisha.

Numbers were announced on the sidelines of a workshop which was held in Dubai to announce the launch of a global survey of tobacco consumption among adults.

The World Health Organization statistics indicate that smoking tobacco products led to the death of about 6 million people annually and more than 600,000 died from passive smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke and emissions.