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Tobacco Business in Palmer, Smoke-Free

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

cheap kent cigaretteSmokers in Palmer will have to go out for to smoke a cigarette next year. A new proposal of smoking ban in the city was approved by voters on Tuesday, according to Palmer election results, passing with 61.5 per cent of voters supporting a prohibition on smoking tobacco in public spaces. All told, 735 inhabitants voted on the regulation with 452 people voting yes, and 283 people no on the ban. Palmer, a community of around 6,000 people 40 miles north of Anchorage, has considered a smoking ban before.

In 2011, the city council voted down a law 4-3. David Cheezum, chairman at Smoke-free Palmer, testified at the hearings. While he’s disappointed the city council didn’t take the initiative, he credits the work of myriad volunteers spearheading the effort to put the proposal on the ballot.

Some small businesses, in particular bars where smoking tobacco is now allowed, fear that the ban will affect their tobacco business.

Christopher Cox, the owner of Klondike Mike’s Dance Hall in Palmer, calls the smoking ban “tragic,” and “truly unfair. Ninety-five per cent of my clients smoke tobacco.” Now, inhabitants  who “don’t’ even go in my business” have dictated ordinances that directly affect his establishment, he declared.

Cox also owns the Carousel Lounge in Anchorage. He argued that when Alaska’s biggest city went smoke-free in 2007, his tobacco business lost $20,000 a year. Now, he is bracing for similar losses in Palmer. “Maybe they can lower my taxes,” he says.

Jenny Olendorff with the Alaska Smoking Control Alliance explained that she was “very excited” about the passage of the ordinance. “Everyone deserves the right to breathe smoke-free air,” she added.

“We want a generation of youngsters that are tobacco free,” and banning smoking tobacco in public workplaces is a proven strategy, she said. She also noted that investigations indicated that the financial influence on businesses over the long-term turns out to be either neutral or positive.

Cheezum also said that he’s “proud” of the community. “Palmer is going to stand out as the place that did the right thing,” he argued. But, he added, “It should not stop here. We need to make this a statewide effort,” through law passed in Juneau.

Smoking Could Be Prohibited in Auckland

Monday, June 11th, 2012

cheap karelia cigaretteA new study to this week’s Parks Recreation and Heritage Forum recommends the non-regulatory smoke-free legislation initially be  confined to council-controlled open places such as parks, reserves, skate parks, playgrounds and sports fields, but reported that over time its main aims would be widened to other public areas and events. Councillors will vote for or against the development of the smoke-free law at the forum it would then be passed on to the Regional Development and Operations Committee.

The study lists the benefits of a new prohibition in town centers, pedestrian malls and streetscapes as denormalising smoking habit, reducing cigarettes butt litter and also decreasing exposure of kids to tobacco smoke.

But it says it may drive smokers to grow in certain places, would be difficult to enforce and may not be supported by the state business community.

Auckland Council has received a range of smoke-free laws from legacy councils. Auckland Regional Council promoted smoke-free parks across the region.

In Manukau and Waitakere skate parks, stadiums, courts and sports fields were smoke-free and there was a prohibition at Northern Busway stations under the North Shore City Council.

Park, recreation and heritage forum chairwoman Sandra Coney reported earlier this year that she believed there was huge public support for a new smoking ban in parks but feedback would be sought before extending the ban to other public areas.

So, if the new policy was to come in to force it would not to be able to be enforced in any way but would be educational campaigns.

This proposal, which counts on pliability through social pressure, is by now used at Mt Smart Stadium, Eden Park and Auckland Zoo.

She declared that the non-regulatory investigation worked well at Mt Smart Stadium and there was no motive it couldn’t be effective elsewhere around the city.


Outdoor Smoking Ban Restrict Smokers Freedom, Georgina News

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

cheapest pall mall cigaretteGeorgina is one puff away from establishing smoking ban in York Region in outdoor places. If it passed, inhabitants would not be permitted to light up at any park, beach and playgrounds. The Holland River Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society commended Georgina council for “enforcing this important law for to protect the health of inhabitants young and even old” and being set to join more than 60 other “towns” across Canada that have already passed such a legislation that created outdoor smoke-free places.

Jackson’s Point inhabitant Larry Rudd and Toronto resident Dr. Abe Friesner said evidences of negative effects of outdoor cigarettes smoke

Both men registered official opposition to the ban because they say evidence of negative health affects of outdoor tobacco smoke remain indecisive and this ban will restrict the freedom of those inhabitants who smoke tobacco products.

Allowing employees to smoke under the awning walk at the back of the Civic Centre does not break any legislation since following investigation exposed such a regulation only applies at bars and of course at restaurants. Council had also asked staff to investigate the smoking problem of whether the ordinance restricts inhabitants’ freedom under any existing Canadian code or privilege.

Town lawyer confirmed to staff the town is not in violation of either the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Human Rights Code.

“Passing an ordinance such as this is, and so, not unlawful is permitted for reflection by section 115 of the Municipal Act, 2001” the new study states. If passed, the town will supply cigarette container bins in strategic places along the perimeter of parks and beaches to tempt people not to litter and to butt out before they enter in parks.

Smoke-Free Places Accepted by Asian States

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

discount lucky strike cigarettes Tobacco for long had been causing concern to health professionals. However, soon the era of tobacco would come to an end as about 10 Asian states have expressed their desire to curb the ill practice of smoking from their nations by 2015. The states spoke openly during the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH). The Secretary-General of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), Surin Pitsuwan said, “Free trade is a key goal of Asean, but we believe it is not enough to focus only on free trade and fair trade. Safe trade should also be a primary consideration”.

The Asean’s aim is to curb the ill practice of smoking from the world. At present, the main focus of Asean is Jakarta. It has been informed that in the region, there are 125 million people who smoke out of the total 600 million of population.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Australia is all set to go ahead with its plan of introducing plain packaging in the country. The World Health Organisation is also supporting Australia in its battle against the industries. The Head of the World Health Organisation, Margaret Chan said that the tobacco industries are clueless about the consequences of smoking on smokers.

Margaret Chan said that if Australia succeeds in its plain packaging proposal, then many countries caught in the grip of smoking would be encouraged to follow the footsteps of it. When Australia for the first time spoke in favor of plain packaging, then a large number of tobacco industries expressed their distress towards the government.

The tobacco companies are not in favor of the proposal but the Australian Government is all set to go ahead with it. Australia is eyeing the World Conference on Tobacco or Health for help in going ahead with its plain packaging plan.

Smoking Ban a Big Issued, Evansville News

Friday, January 20th, 2012

tax free camel cigarettesEvansville City Officials are considering a smoking ban and some bar and restaurant owners are worried. This past summer, a Vanderburgh County Smoking Ordinance took effect for bars and restaurants outside of the city limits. Now, it looks as though the city may not be immune to the same type of law.

City Council members have proposed a smoking ban in all public places within the city limits of Evansville.

The new law would include all privately-owned restaurants and bars in their entirety.

The proposal has some business owners worried about losing customers who smoke. Since June of last year, bars and restaurants outside of the city have operated under a similar smoking ban.

Those that 14 News spoke to Thursday say they have lost some customers but have gained new ones as a result.

“We have a lot of people who like to come into it, a smoke-free establishment, and don’t want to smell like smoke when they come in. So, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback in the dining room area. We’ve lost business in the bar. I think everybody has if you’re going smoke-free. Bars are typically for smokers to come hang out during the day,” said Hornet’s Nest owner Derek Ungethiem.