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More teenagers trying e-cigarettes than tobacco, US study

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

More teenagers are trying or using e-cigarettes than tobacco products, according to a US study that has prompted fresh concerns among some scientists about a new generation of nicotine addicts. The report is the first to claim such high rates of e-cigarette use among 12- to 18-year-olds, though the study did not distinguish between those who had had one puff and never tried them again and more regular users.

“This is an early warning sign, not the final story,” Wilson Compton, deputy director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, said at an American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Jose.

Advocates believe that e-cigarettes – which do not contain tobacco – have an enormous potential to improve public health by replacing traditional cigarettes, which contain hundreds of harmful chemicals. But some critics fear that the products could draw more people into nicotine addiction and possibly act as a gateway to smoking tobacco.

Figures from an annual survey of more than 40,000 students in 400 US secondary schools showed that 8.7% of 14-year-olds had smoked an e-cigarette in the previous month. Among 16- and 18-year-olds, the figures were higher, at 16.2% and 17.1% respectively. By comparison, the survey found that 4% of 14-year-olds, 7% of 16-year-olds and 14% of 18-year-olds reported using a tobacco cigarette.

Compton said: “It is quite surprising that a larger number of teenagers in the US are now reporting current use of e-cigarettes than traditional tobacco cigarettes.”

The same survey, based on spring 2014 data compiled by the University of Michigan, found that 36% of 14-year-olds who had tried e-cigarettes in the past month had never tried smoking or chewing tobacco. Among the older teens, 30% and 21% of e-cigarette smokers aged 16 and 18 respectively said they had not previously tried tobacco products.

“That’s a concern, because this may be a unique and new pathway to nicotine exposure and could open up the potential for the development of addiction to nicotine, with the potential for long-lasting complications and progression to the use of absolutely harmful forms of tobacco,” said Compton. He said the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers was a particular issue because adolescence seemed to be a critical time for the seeds of addiction to be sown.

But other experts said children trying e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes was no bad thing. “Smoking prevalence in youth is showing an unprecedented decline and it is now lower than ever before,” said Peter Hajek, director of the tobacco dependence research unit at Barts and the London school of medicine. “The fact that young people are trying e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes is a cause for relief rather than alarm.”

Hajek added: “A lot of adolescents try e-cigarettes by taking a puff from someone’s device, but, crucially, they do not progress to regular use. In fact, they usually do not try them again, and there is even some evidence that this may protect them from picking up smoking.”

In the UK, about 80,000 people a year die from tobacco smoke-related diseases – nearly a fifth of all deaths in the over-35s. The most damaging health effects – cancer and heart disease – are linked to inhaling tar and other chemicals produced when the tobacco burns. Though e-cigarettes produce fewer noxious chemicals, tests have found the vapour from some to contain cancer-causing substances such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Deborah Arnott, head of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash), said: “Nicotine can be harmful to the growing brain, so it’s best if young people avoid it. But if they’re going to experiment, it’s better to use e-cigarettes, as vaping is far less dangerous than smoking and much less addictive. We need to keep track, but so far in the UK and the US smoking rates are going down more than e-cigarette use is growing. This would not be the case if vaping really were a gateway into smoking.”

Estimates from Ash suggest that 2 million people in the UK use electronic cigarettes, with about 700,000 people using them instead of traditional cigarettes and the remainder using both.

Roy Harrison, professor of environmental health at Birmingham University, said: “There are likely public health benefits from e-cigarettes if they provide a pathway for smokers to give up tobacco use. There is evidence that this can happen, and little doubt that e-cigarettes are much less harmful to the smoker than tobacco. However, if adolescents who have never used tobacco take up e-cigarette use, this is a matter of profound concern as they are deliberately exposing themselves to a highly addictive substance.”
By Laura Vozzella, Washingtonpost

E-Cigarettes are Not Helpful in Fighting Smoking Craving

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

smoking e-cigaretteNowadays there is no any proof that electronic cigarettes are helpful in fighting smoking craving and they must not be utilized by youngsters as mainly because they are still offering nicotine, a research by the Italian Health Ministry announced a few days ago. E-cigarettes have rising in popularity and U.S.

The Health Ministry survey, cautioned that this “vogue gadget” must not be utilized by teenagers simply because, even if smaller amounts of nicotine are breathe in this manner, there are still significant prospective health risks. The review also brought up the worry that the use of this device could lead teenagers switch from this gadget to regular cigarettes.

A group of electronic cigarette manufacturers claimed that the device is expected to support people who already smoke. The e-cigarette is generaly an electronic inhaler composed of a plastic cartridge, a battery, a tank for a flavored liquid and an “atomizer” that vaporizes the liquid. Some of the flavored solutions possess nicotine. It generates a smoke-like vapor that imitates the act of cigarette smoking and when inhaled produces the nicotine.

Roberta Pacifici, director of Italy Observatory on Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use, who has been working on the review, stated, “We can state that the e-cigarette is less harmful, but we cannot really claim that it is totally innocent.” “We need to have a smart tactic towards this product as we know hardly anything of how toxic it is,” she stated. She admited that despite the fact that there are diverse strengths of nicotine in the liquids offered the specific volume of nicotine in an e-cigarette is lower than in a regular cigarette.

Legislation regarding e-cigarette and its sales differs all over the world since the e-cigarette was launched on the market about 10 years ago. A reasonably limited range of scientific checks and handled experiments are available as the product is a comparatively new creation. Pacifici also stated, “Should its effectiveness as a method to reduce smoking be confirmed it should still be handled as all the other alternative nicotine products as nicotine gum.” At this point the main notifications are against the sale of e-cigs to under-16 year olds and the suggestion to keep the product away from children.

E-Cigarette Helps Smokers Lose Weight

Friday, August 17th, 2012

discount kent cigaretteIt’s the latest tempt by tobacco companies. Companies declared that their e-cigarettes offer a curse of vitamins with every cigarette puff. They also argued that these new cigs can provide a rise of energy or even help a smoker lose weight. The tobacco manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have always claimed to be a better smoking alternative to regular cigs because they have no tar and also less nicotine. Dr. Edward Eden explained that there is still reason to be very careful, “they are unregulated and we don’t have proof that they work well.” Dr. Eden added that the vitamin levels may have little to no persons’ health benefits.

He also wants smokers to remember that electronic cigs are still cigarettes, “this form of nicotine delivery device might raise the craving for nicotine.”

And scientists worry this type of marketing may lead to more cigarette carving and addiction, especially among teens

Benefits and Warns of Electronic Cigarettes

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

cheapest gauloises cigarettes Advocates of e-cigarettes say benefits are: They deliver nicotine to the user without many of the more than 7,000 chemicals and tar in a regular, burned cheapest Gauloises cigarette that lead to lung cancer.

They produce a harmless vapor, not secondhand cigarette smoke.

They provide the tactile and visual sensations (holding a cigarette-like device, a glowing tip, blowing smoke, etc.) that many cigarette smokers like or are psychologically dependent upon.

They can help cigarette smokers stop that habit or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Nicotine in e-cigarettes can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

They are less expensive to use than smoking cigarettes, usually cutting costs by a third to a half, depending on usage of e-cigarettes and extent of previous smoking.

Groups and anti-smoking activists warn:

E-cigarette users cannot be entirely sure of what they are inhaling, since e-cigarettes aren’t subject to thorough, independent testing, and they’re made by many companies without quality assurances in their production processes.

Studies have not proven their effectiveness as quit-smoking aids.

Scientific data haven’t shown if e-cigarettes deliver enough nicotine to satisfy withdrawal effects.

The effect of second-hand vapor from e-cigarettes has not been scientifically proven.

Studies have not shown if using e-cigarettes encourages smokers who might have otherwise quit would continue to smoke and use only e-cigarettes in no-smoking environments.

It has not been shown whether youth use e-cigarettes as a “gateway” to smoking regular cigarettes.

E-Cigs May Contain Harmful Chemicals

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

discount pall mall cigarette onlineMost people would be flabbergasted to see anyone smoking inside an office, a hospital waiting room or an airport. Yet, lately, people are smoking indoors — not traditional cigarettes, but e-cigarettes.

These are smokeless cigarettes that can look like the real thing, a pen or even a USB stick. What they all do is deliver nicotine to the smoker in a vapor form. A rechargeable battery powers a heating element that vaporizes the nicotine in a replaceable cartridge so that what’s inhaled just looks like smoke.

Some E-cigarette companies claim the devices are safer and can help smokers quit. But critics say the companies’ statements are unproven and their health claims are unsubstantiated.

It is true that e-cigarettes do not contain the more than 4,000 chemical compounds created by a burning cigarette. Many of these are toxic and/or carcinogenic. Tar, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide and ammonia are all in regular cigarette smoke.

However, nicotine itself is dangerous and highly addictive, and with e-cigarettes, smokers may not know how much of it they’re getting. A lack of regulation and quality control means the amount of nicotine in each drag of an e-cigarette is inconsistent. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined that since e-cigarettes are not considered a drug delivery device, the agency has no jurisdiction over them.

Yet the administration issued a health warning about e-cigarettes after its tests show they contain harmful chemicals such as diethylene glycol, a component of antifreeze that’s toxic to humans and is banned in food and drugs. There were also detectable levels of a known carcinogen called nitrosamine and other toxic chemicals that users could potentially inhale.

Even if, as some enthusiasts claim, e-cigarettes can help a smoker quit, could it also entice young people to start? Health experts and the administration have both expressed concern e-cigarettes are marketed toward young people since the devices come in pink, gold or blue with flavors such as chocolate and bubble gum. Plus, the products’ labels don’t have a health warning.

Since e-cigarettes are unregulated and not covered by federal tobacco laws, they can be sold online and in mall kiosks. They’re also cheaper than regular cigarettes. Because of this, they’re easily accessible to children and young adults.

Some e-cigarette makers go so far as to make unsubstantiated health claims on their websites and printed materials. That’s why Australia, Canada, Israel and Hong Kong have banned them on the grounds they have not been sufficiently tested for safety. New York City is pushing to become the first city to ban them.

For scientists, those are enough reasons to not try an e-cigarette. At the very least, wait until science shows what is in them before smoking one, or better yet, choose not to smoke at all.

Hundreds of E-Cigarette Consumers Gathered in Las Vegas

Monday, September 12th, 2011

discount kent cigaretteFriday and Saturday, September 16th and 17th, hundreds of people who quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes meet at “Vegas Vapefest”. Friday and Saturday, September 16th and 17th, hundreds of vapers (e-cigarette users) and dozens of e-cigarette vendors from all over the world will meet at “Vegas Vapefest” at the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas. National Vapers Club, a consumer-based, volunteer organization formed to educate the public about e-cigarettes hosts the event.

“Response to the event has been amazing.” said Spike Babaian, of National Vapers Club. “Vapers and health experts believe e-cigarettes are saving lives. These proponents are up against anti-smokers who criticize e-cigarettes and suggest, without any evidence, that they may be toxic and are being used to addict children to nicotine. Exponential growth of this population shows the product is widely accepted by Hilton cigarettes smokers as a substitute.”

Bill Godshall of Smokefree Pennsylvania said, “You would never see a bunch of people who quit smoking using a nicotine patch getting together to express their enthusiasm and excitement about the patch. People are amazed at how easy this device makes it to transition from smoking to vaping.”

Event sponsors will demonstrate and sell products at the event. Prizes will be given away all weekend. Smokers are admitted free when trading their cigarettes for an e-cigarette at the door.

Jason Cornfeld of, in Utah, said, “I can’t wait to attend Vegas Vapefest. At previous Vapefests I’ve really enjoyed meeting customers who aren’t close enough to visit our location in Ogden and hearing how they made the switch.”

Carl V Phillips MPPCarl V Phillips MPP PhD of, attended Philly Vapefest in March and commented, “I am intrigued by the hobbyist aspect of the whole enterprise. There is an amazing collection of variant devices for vaping and an amazing knowledge base about how to make them and the “juice”, however, “I still fear for the current smokers who have never heard of vaping, or have been convinced by disinformation from the FDA and others that it is not a sensible alternative to smoking.”

E Cigarette Issue

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

buy winston cigarettesE Cigarette users across the world are thrilled at the very prospect that they have finally found a suitable alternative to tobacco. Not only are e cigarettes being considered a suitable alternative to the deadly tobacco cigarettes, they are also being hailed as an environmentally friendly option.

Nonetheless, there are certain sections of the society which feels that this is not correct and that electronic cigarettes are simply mythical devices, which are no better than Winston cigarettes. Nonetheless, it seems that the people who are having problems with e cigs are predominantly belonging to the tobacco lobby.

It is very important that the end users understand the truth behind electronic cigarettes. First of all, the biggest advantage that these devices have as against regular cigarettes is that they do not use tobacco. The smoke emitting from regular cigarettes contains over 100,000 chemicals which includes the fatal carbon dioxide gas as well. This not only infects the smoker, the passive smoker but also the environment.

Hence, besides causing cancer, cardiac issues and chronic respiratory infections, tobacco smoking also aggravates the current global warming scenario as well. As per the latest statistical data, millions of individuals die each year owing to tobacco smoking.

The e cigarettes on the other hand operate with the use of a battery. This can be recharged in your car or home and hence, the use of matches is completely negated. This helps smokers to avoid staining their clothes or their expensive sofa sets as ash is not present. At the same time, e cigs are completely devoid of tar and they also never cause the repulsive smoker’s breath. Besides, as these devices are free from smoke and do not involve the use of matchsticks, you are free to smoke these even in public places.

This is very convenient for those individuals who simply cannot live without their daily dose of electric cigarettes. Last but not the least, electric cigarettes save 75% of a household’s monthly bills. This is because e cigarette refills are cost effective while regular cigarettes are very expensive.