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Available Cigar Shapes and Sizes

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


Smoking cigars is one of the popular enjoyments among men. The best way to categorize cigar is to differentiate it by size and shape. When speaking about the size, the length of a cigar is usually measured in inches, while its width is measured in ring gauge (a diameter of 64th of an inch).

As about the shape, at present are distinguished three shapes of a cigar:

  • Pajero
  • Figurado
  • Small cigar

Pajero – is the most spread shape of a cigar. It has a cylindrical body, with straight sides and an open end. The other end of the cigar has a round cap, which should be cut using a V-shaped cutter, before lighting up the cigar. Manufacturers distinguish two main varieties of the Pajero style – panatelas and coronas.

  • Panatelas – is a long and thin cigar. Some examples of panatelas cigars are: Carlota, Slim Panatela, Panatela and others.
  • Coronas – is a bit shorter and wide cigar than Panatelas. The most spread variants are: Robusto, Corona Gorda, Toro, Presidente, Dalia.

Figurado – is an unevenly shaped cigar, considered of the premium quality due to difficulty in their production. Despite that fact that these cigars lost their great popularity in the 1930’s, they realized to conquer smokers once again. A lot of producers have started producing the figurado. The most famous variants are:

  • Torpedo – has some similarities with parejo.
  • Perfecto – is thin at both ends and quite prominent in the middle.
  • Presidente – has a shape of parejo, but at the same time is though to be a figurado due to its huge size.
  • Culebras – three long cigars joined together.
  • Tuscanian – true Italian cigar, created for the first time in 19th century. It is a ling and slim cigar possessing a very saturated flavor.

Small Cigars – on the basis of the name, small cigars have a little size and are not similar to the regular ones. They have some similarities with cigarettes both in size and shape. Small cigars weigh less that ordinary cigars and cigarillos. The most popular brands of small cigars are Café Crème and Colts, which are available in diverse flavors and provide a very pleasant taste.

Cigarettes Sales in Supermarket, Scottish Shops

Monday, November 19th, 2012

cheap chesterfield cigsLeven hit the national limelight this week as one of its major stores joined a crusade to improve health in Scotland. The local Sainsbury’s superstore was one of six across the country which stopped selling tobacco products on Monday. The stubbing out of cigarette sales marked the extension of a scheme launched at other premises earlier in 2012, in response to a Scottish Government levy. New supplementary charges will apply on business rates paid by large stores selling cigs and alcohol. Under the new Public Health Levy, retailers are to be taxed on any store with a rate-able value of more than £300,000 which sells drink and smoking products.

Sainsbury’s head office explained: “The impact of the Levy, introduced by the Scottish Government, has led us to undertake a review of the sale of tobacco products in our Scottish shops.

“Earlier this year, we removed tobacco products from sale from three of our Scottish supermarkets and one convenience shop.”

The trial has now been expanded to a further half-dozen outlets, including Leven, added the statement.

A Scottish Government spokesman said the public health supplement was introduced in recognition of Scotland’s well-documented health and social problems associated with alcohol and tobacco smoking.

The Government was already taking action to reduce alcohol and tobacco harmful effects through regulation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol and prohibiting tobacco displays.

“The public health supplement will contribute towards the preventative spend ordinances being taken forward jointly with the Scottish government, local authorities, the NHS and the third sector,”  explained the spokesman.

The announcement drew over 100 comments on the Mail’s Facebook page, with some calling it a good move in terms of health, and that all other stores  and superstores in Fife should follow suit.

Contibutors said there were many other places where people could purchase cigarettes, while some readers felt smokers were being unfairly penalized once again. People’s intolerance of their smoking habit was out of proportion to alcohol or drug users, they added.

Tobacco Market Innovation, Reynolds American Smoke-Free Products

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

discount beratt cigaretteReynolds American Inc. reported that its main focus on innovation and the development of new tobacco products will help the company stay involving in the face of decreasing smoking rates. Reynolds American President and CEO Daan Delen explained that during Investors Day presentations Monday morning that the company is focusing over the long-term on arising smoke-free products such as snus and its new e-cigarette Vuse that offer larger margins and greater potential for growth.

“Everything we’re working on from an innovation standpoint has a higher margin than cigs,” Delen argued. “I think we’re very well positioned in an evolving tobacco market.”

Authorities with the Winston-Salem-based tobacco company (NYSE: RAI) said volumes have risen this year in smoke-free categories such as moist snuff and snus, particularly among younger demographics, while cigarette amounts continue to drop.

But Delen emphasized that cigarettes are still the essential focus and business for the tobacco industry. He offered an internal mantra of “80/90/90,” which reflects that 80 per cent of the company’s resources are still in the combustible tobacco space, 90 per cent of its organizational resources focus on that area, and 90 per cent of its investigation and development budget is centered on combustibles.

“That is the main category that is still going to deliver a lot of growth in the future,” Delen declared, noting that the U.S. cigarette market continues to offer approximately a $14 billion “profit pool,” about 85 per cent of which comes from cigs.

But Reynolds American’s strategy on “transforming tobacco” is  evident, as Delen spent substantial time talking about other categories besides cigarettes in advertising the company’s efforts toward new innovation.

Tobacco Displays and Cigarettes Sales in Supermarket, Sainsbury Business

Monday, November 12th, 2012

discount marlboro cigaretteThe move will widen a trial launched in May at three supermarkets and one convenience shop and was made after a new health tax enforced by the Scottish Government in April. The company will stop the sale of cigs in stores in Drumchapel, Garthdee, Hamilton, Saltcoats, Livingston and Leven from this morning. A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), commissioned by Asda, required new profits from Scottish supermarkets could be decreased by 10 per cent following the introduction of the levy. Yesterday, Tesco and Morrisons declared that they had no plans to follow Sainsbury’s. The new tobacco business rates apply to large retailers that sell smoking products and alcohol and go towards implementing the costs of problems associated with these two types of tobacco product.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s reported: “The influence of the levy introduced by the Scottish Government has led us to undertake a review of the sale of tobacco products in our Scottish shops.” A Scottish Government spokesperson explained: “The public health supplement was introduced in recognition of Scotland’s well-documented health and social problems associated with alcohol and tobacco smoking. “This Government is already taking new action for to reduce alcohol and tobacco use related bad effects through legislation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol and prohibiting tobacco products displays.” Meanwhile, the legal challenge by Imperial Tobacco to legislation to ban no staffed tobacco vending machines and open cigarettes displays in stores will begin today at the Court of Session.

In spite of the new smoking ban having been overwhelmingly passed in the Scottish Parliament and twice upheld by Scottish courts, Imperial Tobacco brought its legal challenge on the basis that the Scottish Parliament does not have the right to legalize on the sale of goods in Scotland. Legislation on retail tobacco displays for large retailers was introduced in England in April earlier this year. Legislation for Northern Ireland came in to force at the end of last month and is due to come into force in Wales on December 3.

Imperial Tobacco Stagnant Cigarettes Sales

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

cheapest esse cigaretteImperial Tobacco Group PLC Thursday declared that it expects its tobacco products revenue to increase this year, as tobacco companies continue to depend on arising tobacco markets growth and price increases to compensate stagnant consumer demand. The world’s fourth-largest tobacco company by cigarettes sales, manufacturer of Davidoff and JPS brands, reported that it sees revenue increase approximately 4 per cents at current currency rates.

But total stick volumes, which combine cigarettes and fine-cut tobacco, are expected to decline by up to 3%, hit by weakness in Ukraine and Poland and a trade ban in Syria, it added in a notice.

Global tobacco companies have been raising prices regularly all over the world for to protect their margins as demand decreases. Imperial, Philip Morris International Inc. PM +0.14% , British American Tobacco PLC and Japan Tobacco Inc. account for approximately three quarters of the total tobacco market excluding China, where state-controlled China National Tobacco Co. has a virtual control.

Even though tobacco product is relatively resistant to economic afflictions, the giants are increasingly turning to Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East for growth opportunities, as declines and government severe measures force consumers in the West to cut back on spending or switch to cheaper cigarette products and roll-your-own tobacco products.

Imperial, in particular, has a high exposure to Europe, which accounts for more than half its income, with the U.K. and Germany its biggest tobacco markets. Last year, its trading was hit by a price war in the beleaguered Spanish economy.

Imperial had a hard start after first-quarter revenue and volumes were affected by the tobacco trade ban in Syria, a price raise in the U.S. and stocking issues in Ukraine. The company’s first-half net profit, reported in May, was also hit by higher taxation and one-off finance items, although revenue increased. In July, the tobacco company reported that it had momentum as nine-month revenue rose and volume decline moderated.

Cigarettes Sales Prohibited in Watertown, Tobacco Business

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

best dunhill cigaretteWatertown pharmacies will soon be prohibited from selling Dunhill cigarettes and other tobacco products. The Watertown Board of Health voted unanimously on August 15 to ban the sale of smoking products at all health care institutions, like supermarkets that work pharmacies. “It sends the wrong message for health-care institutions, including pharmacies, to sell smoking products. Healthcare institutions are places that should be advertising health, and the harmful health effects of smoking are well known,” declared Watertown Director of Public Health Steven Ward in a research.

The board also voted to increase the minimum cigarettes sale age from 18 to 19, which will affect the 43 licensed tobacco retailers in town.

The “Regulation of the Watertown Board of Health Banning the Sale of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Products” will go into effect on Dec. 1, 2012. Pharmacies will be permitted to continue to sell nicotine patches and other FDA-approved substances for quit smoking habit. Boston was the first city in Massachusetts to ordain a similar law. Almost 32 per cent of Massachusetts is currently covered by similar ordinances.

Town Council President Mark Sideris argued that the two CVS pharmacies in Watertown will be affected by the new ban. He also added that he sent a letter to the Board of Health voicing his support for the smoking ban.

Internet Cigarettes Sales Prohibited in Arizona

Monday, August 6th, 2012

buy marlboro red cigarettesFace-to-face cooperation is now a must when buying most smoking products in Arizona. A legislation that was enforced this week prohibits the sale of cigarettes, excluding pipe tobacco and cigars, via the Internet and any other ways of sale that is not a face-to-face deal. Pipe tobacco and cigars were not banned because they do no require a stamp to afford proof that the tobacco retailer or distributor is in pliability with the state’s luxury-tax regulations, even though they are subject to the tax, according to the new ordinance.

The state Attorney General’s Office thinks that the legislation will reduce the purchasing ability of kids.

“Online sales of smoking products are a main problem because no protections exist to assure that kids can’t purchase them,” Attorney General Tom Horne declared in a news study. “State regulation needs this critical update to show the growing amount of Internet tobacco products sales and the danger this presents to kids.”

Persons who violate the new law can be charged with a Class 6 felony and are also subject to a civil punishment of up to $5,000.