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Smoking Cigarettes and Unhealthful Foods, Americans Life Style

May 14th, 2012 by Isabela Mayer

cheap karelia cigaretteLetter writer Gilbert Ross suggests that there is no comparison between eating pizza and smoking cigarettes. All of us know that eating meat can increase risk for cancer, heart disease and even premature death. In fact, processed meat and other unhealthful foods kill much more Americans every year than does smoking tobacco.

But this isn’t just my point of view. A large body of investigation discovered the link between processed meat and people’s bad health. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s dietary recommendations noted that the link between processed meat and remediable cancer, and the American Institute for Cancer Research recommended to avoid processed meats.

With obesity people rates estimated to reach 42 percent by end of 2030, more Americans than ever are at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and of course heart disease. Science and common sense connect this increase to poor nutrition, comprising a continual rise in eating of meat and even cheese.

President Obama is a model for millions of Americans and has the power to persuade what inhabitants eat every day. When he caution organized public events, he has a big responsibility to set an example of healthful eating, for the sake of everyone’s health.



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