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New Camel Snus Ads Urge Smokers to Seek Alternatives

December 23rd, 2011 by Isabela Mayer

cigarettesCall it perfect timing. As smokers across the country are asked to stomp out their cigarettes as part of the Great American Smokeout, new R.J. Reynolds print ads are asking them to do the same and try Camel Snus instead.

In a print advertising campaign hitting dozens of alternative weeklies nationwide, the locally based tobacco company wants to let smokers know there are smokeless alternatives out there.

“At a time when adult tobacco consumers may be considering their options, we want to make them aware of a tobacco product that could meet their expectations, Camel Snus,” a company spokesman said. “As trends in tobacco use change, Camel is transforming by offering adult smokers options, like smoke-free Camel Snus, to consider switching to.”

That message is communicated in the body copy of the new print ads: “Smokers, on Nov. 17th switch to Camel SNUS and enjoy smoke-free, spit-free, great-tasting tobacco packed in a pouch. Camel SNUS — it just might change the way you enjoy tobacco.”

R.J. Reynolds launched a similar campaign at the end of 2010 aimed at adult smokers whose New Year’s resolution list included to quit smoking. It was the company’s first campaign targeted specifically at encouraging smokers to switch to Camel Snus, as CSNews Online previously reported.

Reynolds began its first trial of Camel Snus in April 2006, with national distribution beginning in January 2009.


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