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Fredericton Councillor Extends No-Smoking Policy

September 13th, 2011 by Isabela Mayer

cheapest rich cigarettesFredericton staff are investigating the possibility of extending a smoking ban to include outdoor facilities owned by the city, such as playgrounds, sports fields and on the trail system.

New Brunswick already has a smoking ban that covers indoor public places across the province, but some cities are looking at extending those restrictions.

Dieppe has committed to a new policy that would ask its citizens in the southeastern city to butt out in any public places in all outdoor facilities owned by the city.

Fredericton Coun. Stephen Kelly said he wants Fredericton to follow Dieppe’s lead by extending the city’s prohibition on smoking to include areas outside city property.

He said that it could be hard to legally enforce a new rule that would prohibit people from Rich cigarettes smoking outside. Instead, Kelly said he’s asked city staff to look at perhaps setting up signs to discourage smokers from lighting up.

“It wouldn’t be a bylaw to prohibit that. It would be something that sort of says, ‘Look, it’s a policy that we would like to see you not smoke in these particular areas,’” Kelly said.

Kelly said not only would the policy mean cleaner air outside of city facilities, but it would also allow for cleaner grounds as it would cut down on the litter of cigarette butts.

Coun. Marilyn Kerton said she appreciates Kelly’s position but she doesn’t see the need to push forward with a new anti-smoking policy.

“I don’t think it’s an issue. We haven’t heard from the public that it’s an issue so why are we moving this forward now? I don’t think there’s any need to bring it forward at this time,” she said.

Kerton also agrees with earlier comments by Mayor Brad Woodside that extending the smoking ban goes a little too far in regulating people’s behaviour.


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