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Cigarettes Maker and New Packaging

May 11th, 2012 by Isabela Mayer

discount karelia cigsWhile governments of several countries are thinking of enforcing bans on attractive cigarettes packaging for to reduce the mortality rates linked with smoking habit, tobacco industries are out with much more attractive packs to allure young inhabitants. It has been found that the companies are going to bring out the new packaging very soon, which would be similar to fragrance or will be helped with lids that will throw open like a lighter.

Although, it has been realized from the past investigation that the companies’ plans to tempt young people has reduced meaningly since the past few years. It is being alleged that the new packs will be far more attractive than the previous ones and will alluring more teenagers for to start smoking.

Latest study put forth by the Department of Health, Cancer Research UK established the new tactics that the tobacco industry has utilized for the marketing of the smoking products are much more discouraging.

The research suggested that because of the attractive packs, as young as six year old kids fall into the smoking habit. The Director of smoking control for the charity, Jean King maintained that the children in the age group ranging between six and 11 are easily attracted towards the tempting packages.

He emphasized that the kids without acknowledging the side-effects of the smoking product in the due course of their life, just fall into this habit.



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