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Cigarette Manufacturers Aim at Teen Girls with Super Slim Cigarettes

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

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Cigarette manufacturers have been charged of using cynical advertising tricks to aim at girls and young women. In the latest effort to appeal to smokers, Silk Cut is introducing a collection of super slim cigarettes in packages that looks like perfume boxes. This action comes after identical strategies in America where women are attracted with female-friendly packaging, often displaying pink colours and floral images.

Giant cigarette companies in the U.S. have been blamed for presumably appealing women by means of movies. For instance, in 2006, the actress Scarlett Johansson was charged of advertising smoking with her role in Hollywood thriller The Black Dahlia.

The organization on Smoking and Health declared Silk Cut’s use of the words ‘super-slim‘ was an endeavor to produce a link between cigarettes and weight loss in the minds of young girls trying to stay slim.
Martin Dockerell, of Action on Smoking and Health, declared: ‘This has been realized effectively in the States for many years and it’s a comparatively fresh development in the UK.

‘In the States there has been a rather extended tradition of products advertised at women, especially young women, with packages that are in some way more female-friendly. ‘In the UK, the unique legal advertisement left is on the package, so producers are eager to obtain new smokers by means of attractive designs of the cigarette packages.’ He declared: ‘Packaging is really essential marketing tool and by modifying the pack up can boost your market share. They also know that smokers are extremely vulnerable to the packaging and the brand identity.’

Silk Cut’s new super slim cigarettes are slimmer than regular ones and come in a more compact package.
Gallaher, the Japanese cigarette company that produces Silk Cut, identifies its new brand, as delivering luxury and quality to the super-slim cigarette segment. Recently, a representative for the company rejected that it was |concentrating on teenage girls. “It is unlawful to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 and do not forget about this fact,” he stated.

Researches have demonstrated that teenage girls who are worried about their weight are more inclined to start smoking. Under the age of 15 girls are more likely to light up than boys of the same age.

Cigarette manufacturers have tried to link smoking with slimness and glamour for many years. For inst6ance, in the 1920s, diverse cigarettes advertisements advised women to “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet”. In America, the famous Virginia brand plans to introduce a sleek pink purse pack targeted at women.

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Tobacco Market Faced Profit Drop, Smoking Ban

Friday, October 26th, 2012

discount marlboro cigaretteSince the University of Montana introduced its campus smoking ban last year, the University Center Market has lost $27,000 in income. The shop faces a tighter budget, a reduced number of employees and increased prices, declared Bryan Thornton, the UC Market and Bookstore general manager. Jon Aliri, acting general manager of the University Bookstore, argued that the ban is not completely responsible for price hike, which have been caused by a number of different factors, including the recent economic drop.

“Inhabitants are making their own lunches now, faculty and students,” Aliri reported. “There is more of a motive to save.”

On top of increasing prices, the shop is in conversation with the UC on lowering its rent, Thornton explained. “Everybody on campus depends on money,” Thornton said. “One entity adjusts, and adjustments are then made somewhere else. So if the UC reduces the rent, that has to be passed on somewhere.”

Aliri also added that the Bookstore and the Market pay a joint lease of $381,000, of which the Market pays $40,000 yearly. The profit from smoking products once paid a majority of the Market’s share of the lease. As long as the smoking ban benefits the students, Aliri reported he doesn’t mind the loss.

“Our mission statement is to protect the life of the students,” Aliri said. “To us, it’s a little bit easier to cope when we know it’s for students. We are an involved part of the campus community, and we will support and continue to support any ordinance of the University’s.”

The Market is a non-profit organization and sells most things at a lower price than conventional shops. Cigs were never sold at a lower cost. Curry Health Services Health Promotions Specialist Brent Hildebrand said he’s seen a decline in smoking tobacco around campus since the ban.

“I mean, you are less likely to be walking behind a smoker walking to class,” Hildebrand said. “We still need to discuss more in the future about actual enforcement of the smoke-free law. It’s very difficult because we don’t want to single people out.”

Prohibiting Smoking at Colorado State Campus

Friday, October 5th, 2012

buy karelia cigsSmokers are displeasing. It’s simply a fact. No one walks by a row of people lighting up, smells that gross combination of nicotine, tobacco and rat poison only cigs can deliver, and thinks “I wish this happened — everywhere — all the time.” It’s this widely-shared angst that has led the Associated Students of CSU –– your student government –– to explore whether they should prohibit smoking cigs from campus. On Wednesday night, ASCSU Health Director Audrey Purdue presented the results of a student government study that revealed 53 per cent of students and 63 per cent of faculty and staff support a smoke-free ordinance.

What’s disturbing is the idea that our student government would ever make the main decision to move forward with a ban that would sacrifice minority rights. Especially when their reason would be to satisfy the opinion of the majority of teens who think smoking’s just plain annoying.

Rights shouldn’t be disregard simply because they annoy inhabitants. Being quietly bothered by someone’s actions is not a valid cause to take away someone’s freedom to do whatever that may be.

Those campus ministers, be they political or religious radicals, ruthless bother students who just want to make it from one end of campus to the other in peace.

They may make our brain smoke, but that doesn’t mean we should prohibit their right to open their mouths.

Purdue stressed that ASCSU is still in the process of collecting the university’s opinion on the issue, promising to hold public forums that would allow students to speak their mind in a more informal way. She also said that student government hasn’t yet determined what they need to know to officially commit to push for a smoking ban.

Student government, as you continue to develop a position, make sure you remember to only limit someone’s freedom when they start to infringe upon the freedom of others.

Smoking in Films is Up, Youngsters Smokers

Friday, September 28th, 2012

cheap dunhill cigsMovie characters are smoking tobacco more on the big screen and studios that have promised to clamp down on such portrayals remain among the worst violators, according to a new research. There were approximately 1,900 portrayals of smoking and other tobacco smoking among the 134 highest-grossing movies at the box office in 2011, according to researchers at the University of California at San Francisco. The total number of “tobacco incidents” per film was up 7 percent from 2010. Among films rated G, PG, or PG-13, and thus more easily accessible to younger audiences, that figure raised 36 percent, the scientists added.

Among the PG-13-rated picture with more than 50 on-screen tobacco descriptions were DreamWorks Studios’ “The Help,” Warner Bros.’ “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” and 20th Century Fox’s “Water for Elephants,” all period pieces. The only PG-rated release in that category was the animated western “Rango,” from Paramount Pictures.

UCSF professor of medicine Stanton A. Glantz  explained that the results of more on-screen smoking portrayals will be “more children starting to smoke cigs and developing tobacco-induced illnesses.”

Warner Bros. parent company Time Warner, Universal parent Comcast Corp. and Walt Disney Co. all have established ordinances for to lessen the portrayals of smoking tobacco in their movies, according to the scientists. Nevertheless, those three studios had just as many “smoking incidents per youth-rated film” as the three studios without such regulations, Paramount, Fox and Sony Pictures.

The research was funded by the American Legacy Foundation, a public health group dedicated to reducing smoking tobacco among youngsters.

Teens Sensitive to Cigarette Tax Increase, USA

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

cheap karelia cigsHere’s hoping Kentucky shared in the national decrease in teenager smoking habit found recently by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. USA Today attributes an “historic decline in smoking tobacco,” not just among teenagers but across all age groups, to a 62-cent raise in the federal cig tax in 2009. Increasing the federal tax to $1.01 a package has brought in almost $30 billion in new income to the U.S. revenues. Meantime, some 3 million fewer Americans smoked in 2011 than in 2009, even though the inhabitants has increased. USA Today credits the federal cigarette tax hike with restarting a long-term decrease in smoking habit that had delayed.

Kentucky also raised its cigarette tax in 2009. But instead of the 70 cents proposed by Gov. Steve Beshear, the legislature wimped out and enforced only a 30-cent per package increase.

At 60 cents a package, Kentucky’s cigarette tax remains well below the national average of $1.49 and is lower than four of our seven surrounding states.

That’s a big part of why Kentucky nearly always leads the nation in percent of smokers, both adults and teens, and why pregnant Kentuckians smoke at double the national rate.

Smoking rate takes a very serious cause on Kentucky’s health and state economy. Almost all smokers start smoking habit by age 18, and teenagers are especially sensitive to increases in the cigarettes prices.

Gruesome Cigarette Packs Warnings, UAE Health Warning

Friday, August 10th, 2012

discount kent cigaretteImported tobacco products must have graphic health warning on packages starting with today. One of three approved images will occupy half the space on both sides of a cigarette package. A third of the remaining space will display a written warnings. The new packaging has been introduced across the GCC in an effort to stop teenagers from becoming addicted to smoking tobacco, declared Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, head of the  smoking control committee at the Ministry of Health. “Teen smokers will finally start to think about the dangers of smoking cigs and either cut down the number of cigs they are smoking every day.”

Dr. Al Maidoor argued that the graphics would also prevent tobacco industries from using packs for to advertise their tobacco product.

“With their packaging, they are tricking the clients into thinking that smoking is something that is very cool and stylish, that it is an important part of their life. Now this will be taken very very seriously. The graphic warnings cannot be removed or peeled off because it is a part of the pack.”

There are also new suggestions for plain packaging, where nothing but the graphic picture will be in colour and the smoking brand name will be meaningly smaller.

Smokers may not see the new pack designs for a while, with tobacco sellers given several months to complete the ordinances. Existing cigarettes stock will continue to be sold until they are emptied, which is expected to take about three months, concluded Abdulla Al Muaini of the Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority, which is in charge of the new pack design.


Smoke-Free Campuses, Missouri State University

Monday, July 9th, 2012

cheap winston cigaretteAs colleges and universities across the nation enforced smoke-free campuses, Missouri State University on Aug. 15 will take an important step in that direction when it revokes its 25 designated on-campus smoking regions. Still, that doesn’t mean MSU is taking the full tobacco-free fall. It will continue to permit smoking in special outdoor areas during athletic contests or events at the JQH Arena, the Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, the Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex (for football) and the 8,846-seat Hammons Student Center.

Earle Doman, vice president for student affairs, reported MSU has moved deliberatively on the smoking issue over the years.

“We are certainly not a trend-setter,” he argued. Other colleges and universities, for example, have gone “cold turkey,” he added.

According to the American Non-smokers’ Rights Foundation, there are 774 U.S. college campuses that are smoke-free, indoors and outdoors, without exemption.

Approximately 85 per cent of those schools became tobacco-free in the past five years, according to Ty Patterson, who helped make one of the first smoke-free campus policies in the nation while he was a vice president at Ozarks Technical Community College.

In general, Patterson explained that the dangers of secondhand tobacco smoke are lucid in our days.

Even during the past two years, Doman concluded, nonsmokers complained about tobacco smoke coming from the smoking designed areas, which are located away from the edifice entrances and exits.