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E-Cigarettes are Not Helpful in Fighting Smoking Craving

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

smoking e-cigaretteNowadays there is no any proof that electronic cigarettes are helpful in fighting smoking craving and they must not be utilized by youngsters as mainly because they are still offering nicotine, a research by the Italian Health Ministry announced a few days ago. E-cigarettes have rising in popularity and U.S.

The Health Ministry survey, cautioned that this “vogue gadget” must not be utilized by teenagers simply because, even if smaller amounts of nicotine are breathe in this manner, there are still significant prospective health risks. The review also brought up the worry that the use of this device could lead teenagers switch from this gadget to regular cigarettes.

A group of electronic cigarette manufacturers claimed that the device is expected to support people who already smoke. The e-cigarette is generaly an electronic inhaler composed of a plastic cartridge, a battery, a tank for a flavored liquid and an “atomizer” that vaporizes the liquid. Some of the flavored solutions possess nicotine. It generates a smoke-like vapor that imitates the act of cigarette smoking and when inhaled produces the nicotine.

Roberta Pacifici, director of Italy Observatory on Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use, who has been working on the review, stated, “We can state that the e-cigarette is less harmful, but we cannot really claim that it is totally innocent.” “We need to have a smart tactic towards this product as we know hardly anything of how toxic it is,” she stated. She admited that despite the fact that there are diverse strengths of nicotine in the liquids offered the specific volume of nicotine in an e-cigarette is lower than in a regular cigarette.

Legislation regarding e-cigarette and its sales differs all over the world since the e-cigarette was launched on the market about 10 years ago. A reasonably limited range of scientific checks and handled experiments are available as the product is a comparatively new creation. Pacifici also stated, “Should its effectiveness as a method to reduce smoking be confirmed it should still be handled as all the other alternative nicotine products as nicotine gum.” At this point the main notifications are against the sale of e-cigs to under-16 year olds and the suggestion to keep the product away from children.

Electronic Cigarette Smokers Examination, Greek Clinical Study

Monday, October 29th, 2012

cheap hilton cigaretteElectronic cigs, an increasingly popular new option among smokers trying to quit, do not appear to pose a threat to the heart, according to results of a clinical research presented on Saturday. Greek scientists declared that  electronic cigarettes – battery-powered metal tubes that transform liquid laced with nicotine into vapor – had no adverse effects on cardiac function in their small trial. “Electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer smoking alternative to tobacco smoking,” Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens told the annual conference of the European Society of Cardiology.

“Considering the extreme hazards linked with cigarettes smoking, currently available data supposed that electronic cigarettes are less harmful and substituting tobacco with electronic cigs may be favorable to health.”

Farsalinos and his team examined the heart function of 20 young smokers before and after smoking one cigarette against that of 22 e-cigarette users before and after using the device for seven minutes.

While the cigarette smokers suffered serious heart dysfunction, including raised blood pressure and heart rate, those using electronic cigs had only a slight increase in pressure.

The Greek clinical study was the first in the world to look at the cardiac effects of electronic cigarettes. Another small research, also in Greece, reported earlier this year the devices had little influence on lung function.

Farsalinos acknowledged bigger investigations were still needed to examine the possible long-term effects of e-cigs, while other doctors attending the medical meeting in Munich were very cautious about giving them a clean ordinance of health just yet.

“Evidently, the electronic cigarette has a big advantage of not having the thousands of other chemicals, besides nicotine, that a cigarette has,” argued Dr. Russell Luepker of the University of Minnesota.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Hottest Invention

Monday, August 20th, 2012

buy beratt cigaretteA number of online sites believed that e-cigarette is the hottest discovery in the tobacco industry to date. After the growth of the electronic cigarettes industry, smoke bloggers and websites started to appreciate electronic cigarettes as the best invention in the industry. The popularity of electronic cigarette has been in vogue in several cigarette review sites with positive reviews of different e-cig products and smoking brand.

“The new invention is just amazing. It cuts costs. It is a lot less harmful. It is able to be used and rechargeable. What more can a regular smoker asks for,” explained one of the bloggers who believed in the wonders of e-cigarette.

Electronic smokes hit the tobacco market a little bit unsteady at the beginning. But as many sites and blogs adjust to this innovation, e cigarette started to become identified as the best smoking alternative.

E-cig is a device similar to a traditional cigarette but is built differently with the electronic technology. The technique can give one the same taste and feel of traditional tobacco smoking but uses vapor instead of smoke. The smoking device also comes with rechargeable batteries and some has permissive cartridges.

Many bloggers believe that one of the best advantages of electronic cigarette is on the health effect. As many Americans today die from lung cancer, a large percentage of this is non-smokers, smokers are counselled to regulate smoking if not quit it.

E-Cigarette Helps Smokers Lose Weight

Friday, August 17th, 2012

discount kent cigaretteIt’s the latest tempt by tobacco companies. Companies declared that their e-cigarettes offer a curse of vitamins with every cigarette puff. They also argued that these new cigs can provide a rise of energy or even help a smoker lose weight. The tobacco manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have always claimed to be a better smoking alternative to regular cigs because they have no tar and also less nicotine. Dr. Edward Eden explained that there is still reason to be very careful, “they are unregulated and we don’t have proof that they work well.” Dr. Eden added that the vitamin levels may have little to no persons’ health benefits.

He also wants smokers to remember that electronic cigs are still cigarettes, “this form of nicotine delivery device might raise the craving for nicotine.”

And scientists worry this type of marketing may lead to more cigarette carving and addiction, especially among teens

Teen Smokers More Likely To Try Electronic Cigarettes

Friday, July 20th, 2012

discount winston cigsNew study findings released today show new insight into the use and awareness of electronic cigs, devices that permit smokers to inhale vaporized nicotine. According to a peer-reviewed scientific posts in the American Journal of Public Health, 40.2 per cent of Americans have heard of e-cigarette and over 70 per cent believe that they are less dangerous than other tobacco products. In addition, smokers are more apt to use electronic cigarettes than non-smokers. This is the first nationally representative study to look at awareness and influence of these products.

E-cigarettes, officially  known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), really are drug-delivery devices and not cigarettes at all. They have recently earned attention in the media, public health and public policy arenas. While proponents claim e-cigarettes are a harm-reducing alternative to smoking, scientists have increased concerns about the need for ordinance of any new nicotine-delivery product, as well as how they might affect smokers who are trying to stop smoking, or attract non smokers, especially youngsters, who might be willing to try a “high-tech” approach to nicotine intake or be allured by the availability of tobacco flavors.

“The study suggest that younger smokers are more likely to have ever tried to smoke electronic cigarette,” declared Jennifer Pearson, PhD, Research Investigator at the Schroeder Institute at Legacy. “We don’t know why youth are more likely to try e-cigs, but this highlights the need for more information on the health and behavioral consequences of exclusive ‘vaping’ and dual use with combustible smoking products.”

Coffee, Tea and Electronic Smokes

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

high quality esse cigaretteThere’s a new business in downtown Olympia, one that offers coffee and tea, ambiance and the chance to try or purchase a device known as an electronic cigarette. The business at 122 Capitol Way N. is Volcano Vapor Cafe. It opened in December, and business gradually is on the upswing after customer activity was temporarily slowed by January’s snow and ice storms, staff members reported.Volcano Vapor Cafe is a Hawaii-based franchise, and this is its first in Washington.

The owners, all of whom have ties to South Sound, are Zakk Johnston; John Conner, who also runs an espresso stand in Lacey called Mocha Magic; and Cameron Daniels, who also runs an espresso-machine repair business called Espresso Rescue. There’s also Clio McClure, business manager, and a small staff to round out the operation.

Although each owner brings a different set of skills to the business, Daniels and Conner, both longtime smokers, were intrigued by the e-cigarette product because it helped them transition from the smoke-filled traditional cigarette to one that emits a lightly scented vapor.

Conner, 42, said he had smoked for 26 years before switching to electronic cigarettes. He said his wife has never smoked and then they had a child, which made it more urgent to kick the habit.

“This thing changed my life,” Conner said about the device.

Inside the cafe, there’s a coffee and tea bar. Then there’s a separate bar where the business sells e-cigarette kits or provides samples and demonstrations.

The device looks a bit like an oversize pen. It contains a battery that can be recharged and a vial of fluid, which includes nicotine or not, a flavor and other ingredients.

Once you exhale, you release vapor that quickly dissipates. Volcano Vapor Cafe isn’t smoke-filled. Instead, the cafe aroma is a bit like the 29 different e-cigarette flavors the cafe offers, such as Waikiki Watermelon or vanilla or a chocolate-infused flavor.

The cafe sells samples for $3 and the electronic cigarette kits range from $65 to about $100, McClure said. The tiny bottles of fluid, which come in two sizes, list ingredients as well as a warning similar to that found on a traditional cigarette carton. The smaller size costs $13; McClure estimated that the bottle would last a pack-a-day smoker about a week and a half.

A pack of traditional cigarettes in Washington sells for about $10. The business owners also have found themselves explaining some misconceptions about the e-cigarette device.

Some customers have wondered if they need a card — similar to needing a card for a marijuana dispensary (they do not) — and some have wondered if it’s dangerous.

Recently in the news, a Florida man was injured when his device exploded. McClure said that likely was the result of someone modifying the device. She said that they urge customers not to do that and that they check identification to make sure they’re not serving minors.

“We are adamant about no kids experiencing it,” she said.

Thurston County does not regulate e-cigarettes, said health officer Dr. Diana Yu. In King County, e-cigarettes follow the same rules as set by the statewide smoking ban.

Volcano Vapor Cafe is more than just e-cigarettes, though. It sells locally roasted coffee — a brand called Phantom — as well as organic teas from The Tao of Tea in Portland. They expect to add more live music shows, McClure said, and the cafe also has free Wi-Fi service.

People Desire Electronic Smokes

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

discount doina cigaretteFor many people, smoking discount Doina cigarette is an intensely personal activity. However, most smokers are aware that they are endangering their own health and possibly the health of their loved ones by continuing to smoke, breathing in dangerous chemicals and stinking up the air around them. However, there are alternatives to traditional smoking and the electronic cigarette is one of them.

Electronic cigarettes have not been around for long, although they have been a thought process and a working process for about 50 years. The first electronic cigarette developed for today’s market was introduced in 2003. Since then, the models of e cigarettes have changed and many of them are now very streamlined products. An electronic cigarette, also known as an e cigarette, is similar to a cigarette, although it is mostly the size of a magic marker.

An e cig has an atomizer that will allow the user to inhale a mist that mimics the taste, but not the bad elements of nicotine. Nicotine is the main ingredient that the majority of traditional cigarette smokers desire and want the same experience with the use of an e cigarette. The best e cigarettes are the ones that allow the user to replace the filters while not having to re-purchase the entire model, time and time again. However, other users may desire the models are completely disposable. It is purely a matter of personal preference.

There are many electronic cigarette brands currently on the market, with many new ones coming soon. As the discount cigarette becomes more popular, smokers should always look for models that are smaller and can be purchased at cheaper prices. However, like many other things, being cheaper does not always mean being better.

If you are trying to cut down on traditional cigarettes by using an e cigarette instead, it will help to get the same taste sensations that you have always received with a traditional cigarette. If your e cigarette does not provide those sensations or tastes of nicotine, consider the purchase of a different brand. There are many electronic cigarette brands, and an online research will help you in this. You should also be aware that not all e cigarette brands are created equal. It is important to make an informed choice.