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Philip Morris Presents New Design for Five Marlboro Packages

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

new marlboro package
UK was the first Member State, which launched plain packaging on cigarette packs. In accordance with this bill all cigarette packages marketed in UK should be identical in size, shape, be without any logos, pictures, without eye-catching colors and of course to include graphic health warnings.

After the introduction in UK of cigarette plain packages bill, several cigarette producers started to think how to make their cigarette packages suit the new boundaries but to stay away from losing their personality. Time for such modifications left quite a bit, as the regulation was adopted before May 2016.

The first, who tried to show its concepts about how a new cigarette package design should be like, was a well-known producer of tobacco products Philip Morris. PM released past year its new Marlboro plain packaging for five Marlboro packages: Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol.

The new cigarette package design had been launched in France last year and introduced past summer. The design is described by the entire lack of any labels and logos; the design is maintained just in two colors.

Cigarette packages have kept the familiar Marlboro chevron – red strip on white background for Marlboro Red, green strip on a white background for White Menthol, blue strip on black background for Ice Blast, golden strap on a white background for Gold and blue on white for Marlboro Silver Blue.

Over half a package will bear graphic health warnings. Based on the company associates, along with packaging modifications and cigarettes will be transformed too, of course for the better, the Marlboro brand-new design displays the “continuous advancement of the brand over its 90 year history” – Philip Morris representatives explained.

Obviously, producers still are concerned that to cigarette users may look that Marlboro cigarettes will lose their special taste. Philip Morris managing director for the UK – Martin Inkster explained, that this renovation will “guarantee that adult smokers get the high-quality smoking experience ever possible” and these new packs» include the world’s best-selling cigarette selection”.

Marlboro cigarettes will also have a new tipping paper styles and have been improved to contain a firm filter that definitely will not prevent Marlboro fans to take pleasure in deep and rich tobacco taste, so typical for this well-known cigarette brand.

Tobacco Facts

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

cigarettes facts

The world’s view of smoking habit has changed considerably throughout the last millennium. This famous habit was one time considered as something trendy, appealing and was typically enjoyed by many people. It was promoted on TV and billboards by popular superstars and sportsmen. Practically no one would be found acting in a film without smoking a cigarette. Even so in recent times the global recognition of cigarette consumption is reduced primarily due to the massive anti-smoking activities occurring all over the world. If you are interested in some cigarette facts, please look through the ones listed below.

• Cigarettes till present are the most traded products in the world, with approximately 1 trillion being sold from country to country each year. With about $400 billion, it is one of the world’s largest industries.

• At present U.S. tobacco manufacturers yield more funds trading cigarettes to countries around the world than they do to Americans.

• Legendary American cigarette brands such as Marlboro, Camel and Winston own around 70% of the world cigarette market.

• In the vast majority of countries all over the world, the legal age for the purchase of tobacco products is at present 18, raised from 16, not to say that in Japan the minimum age is currently 20 years old.

• In contrast to well-known social belief, it is not banned to smoke tobacco products at any age. Parents determine to allow their children to light up, and teenagers are within the law to smoke cigarettes without restraint. However, the sale of tobacco products is massively ruled with legal legislation.

• Based on estimations, the U.S. states with the major percentage of cigarette users are thought to be: Kentucky with around 28.7%, Indiana with 27.3%, and Tennessee owning 26.8%, while the states with the smallest smoking rates are: Utah -11.5%, California – 15.2%, and Connecticut- 16.5%.

• The United States is without doubt the largest cigarette market in the entire world in which the rate of women using cigarettes is 25% approaching to the 35% of men who smoke. Europe has a larger gap – 46% of men as compared to 26% of women smokers.

Cafe Creme Little Cigars

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

cafe creme cigars
Cafe Creme Cigars – were sometimes called as Cafe Creme Finos these little cigars were first presented on the tobacco market in 1883. Coming from Scandinavian, these days, it has extended to more than 115 different countries. Throughout the years, it has turn into one of the preferred cigar brands, both in the cigarillos and little cigar categories.

These little cigars possess a great mixture of gentle, dry-cured tobaccos of top quality, using a Java wrapper and a cut tobacco leaf known as homogenized binder. It gives a light and at the same time long-lasting full tasteful flavor, which has been noticeable amongst various other little cigar brands worldwide. It offers a very strong and soothing but pleasurable high-class aroma and even though the smell is noticeable, it sets apart its quality from other cigar brands, by not leaving that tobacco smell in clothes or on hands.

The Cafe Creme Cigar is undoubtedly a market leader, in such countries as France and the UK, but is also highly popular in a number of other countries too. It does come in a vast range of flavors: Cafe Creme, Cafe Crème Arome, Cafe Crème Blue, Cafe Crème Filter Tip Arome, Cafe Crème French Vanilla, Cafe Crème Italian Macchiato.

Millions of tobacco aficionados from all over the world smoke cafe Crème Little Cigars and it is almost impossible for a cigar enthusiast to not have ever tried the excitement of such a world famous cigar.

It is the bestselling cigar brand that retains its position for well over an incredible 100 years.

Marlboro 72s Aromatic

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Marlboro 72s Aromatic
The client came to us with a new product – a stronger smelling “aromatic” tobacco. the task was to come up with multiple ways to market this new product. My concept was to package it as a “72” – a shorter cigarette, due to the more intense flavor.

Marlboro 72s Aromatic

Cigarette Pricing to Compensate Declining Volumes

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Marlboro Cigarettes Price increase. It is a word that any retailer wants to hear when it comes to tobacco products, particularly with Obama advising 94 cents per package boost to the Federal Excise Tax (FET) in his latest budget.

Bonnie Herzog views minimal price boosts in different ways. “Pricing power has been essential and important to this industry,” she stated during the press conference she attended at the 2013 NATO Show in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. “When it comes to the main thing, one point of pricing gives three times the leverage in comparison to one point of volume.” Indeed, cigarette sales are decreasing, but Herzog-chief manager of tobacco and consumer research for the Wells Fargo Securities LLC mentioned that more than 20% of the population still consumes tobacco products and, more than likely a modest boost will not discourage the vast majority of them. “Mid single digit price boosts more than compensate cigarette volume drops, forcing top-line increase and greater margins for some,” stated Herzog.

Herzog predicts that such price increases will keep on taking place in 2013 according to latest earnings calls by key tobacco companies. During the time of the session, Lorillard and Reynolds had revealed their 1Q 2013 revenue, with Altria soon to present its own results. “I have expected that pricing will speed up by four points this year,” Mrs. Herzog mentioned.

While cigarette pricing will for sure increase in 2013 and 2014, 2015 provides an exciting chance for cigarette producers, shareholders and merchants as well: 4Q 2014 signifies the end of the Federal Tobacco Buyout Fee. “This 10-year, $10.1 billion program costs around 0.06 cents per package,” Herzog stated. “This must lead to substantial great potential to revenue increase in 2015 for all three of the top tobacco manufacturers in the U.S. Thus, in merely a few years, we foresee that cigarette operating margins will be re-based higher by around 250 to 300 basis points,” she added.

It may be too soon to estimate precisely how producers could utilize these cost savings, but Herzog stated they would not apply it to lower cigarette prices that smokers have already become used to. Some ways on how the funds could be utilized consist of financing internal growth projects, compensating possible federal and state excise tax boosts, financing higher advertisements to generate volume or purchasing or investing in a growth business.

Japan Tobacco Advertisements are Deceptive

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Japan Tobacco
A range of advertisements from Japan Tobacco International (JTI) made promises that are not able to be well-founded and cracked the UK advertising code based on the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ASA has declared that the advertisements in a number of nationwide magazines in September 2012 were deceptive and that JTI is unable to state that “the illicit market in tobacco is growing”.

The most current conclusion is in reaction to issues produced by Cancer Research UK and follows an earlier ruling in March about prior adverts, when the ASA informed JTI it could not declare that the Government had totally “declined” the policy of plain packaging for cigarettes in 2008. JTI started a £2 million advertising campaign in July 2012 disagree the strategy of placing all smoking products in plain packages of standard size, shape and design. JTI’s most recent advertising campaign utilizes a 2011 letter between civil servants in the UK and Australia in one more attempt to disrepute plain, standardized packages as being without facts.

Australia launched standard packages in December 2012.
The continuing use of this kind of advertising budget to attempt to prevent this measure highlights the industry’s worry of how efficient this step will be in decreasing the appeal of their products.
The judgment mentioned that JTI had themselves recognized that the questionable trade in smoking products has apparently been a decreasing trend in the last ten years.

JTI was also advised it could not state that the UK had experienced “£3 billion lost in unpaid duty in 2012”. The ASA also mentioned that because the advertisement included an image of a cigarette package, it was not evident that the figure was meant to link to a matched total for both cigarettes and hand-rolled tobacco.
Sarah Woolnough, Cancer Research UK’s representative stated:  “This demonstrates that more of Japan Tobacco’s statements are deceiving. The tobacco industry has concentrated its opposition to plain packages on a claim the black trade would boost. Independent experts have frequently mentioned these statements do not have any sense. As JTI launched its newest round of national advertisements, this choice comes as an opportune reminder about an industry that just cannot be dependable on public health policy.

Major Types of Tobacco

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Tobacco type Cigarettes generally possess diverse sorts of tobacco leaf grown in different countries, mixed for aroma, taste and character to satisfy smokers’ preferences. As a rule three major types of tobacco are applied in cigarettes: Virginia, Burley and Oriental.

Virginia or also known as flue-cured tobacco is called after the US state where it was initially harvested. It is also termed ‘bright tobacco’ for its yellow to orange color that it gets during the curing process. It grows in particular very well in subtropical areas with mild rainfall, as for instance Georgia, Florida, Southern Brazil and Zimbabwe. Virginia blends possess solely flue-cured Virginia tobaccos.

Burley is a bit lighter green than Virginia. It needs heavier soils and considerably more fertilizer than Virginia. The most qualitative Burley tobacco is cultivated in US states as for instance Maryland and Kentucky, in Malawi, Uganda and also Indonesia. After the curing process, it becomes brown with practically no sugar content, offering it a nearly cigar-like taste. In conjunction with Virginia and Oriental tobacco, it makes up an American Blend for cigarettes. Ordinarily, air-cured tobacco is processed with sugars such as molasses, and the mixture may also possess extra flavors.

Oriental is the tiniest and robust of all tobacco types, cultivated in the quite hot summer of the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East. These factors and a substantial planting density produce a savory flavor, boosted by sun-curing, as in a conventional Turkish cigarette. An Oriental blend may include around 100% sun cured tobaccos.
A number of factors can affect the smoking properties, such as the assortment of plant, how it is collected and impacts as soil and weather. Most of these can impact the tobacco’s taste and flavor.

Available grades of leaf in tobacco blends:

One tobacco plant can provide numerous grades of leaf. For instance, the leaves at the very top of the plant are more subjected to the sun than the ones at the bottom part.

Grades are typically identified by a leaf’s location on the plant, its width, aroma, graininess, color, the quality and maturity of the plant. The quality of the numerous grades is established by the leaf’s capacity to endure production, as well as its sensory qualities, which can show taste distinctions, from a tough experience to a softer, richer taste.
Leaf is acquired from farmers and directed for threshing, which sets apart the stem and lamina of the leaves. It is categorized by grade and every grade is kept to mature for a period from three months to about two years to allow taste variations in the final product.

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