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CAMEL New Curve Pack

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

CAMEL New Curve Pack
This spring tabacco brand CAMEL has launched redesign of their wellknown and recognizable packs. Distinctive feature of the new pack is curved cut corners. Maybe now they will be even more recognizable.

CAMEL New Curve Pack

My work: 3D modelling, animation, visualisation & post-effects.
With the help of: Cinema 4D, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects.
The script and the music were given by customer.


More Girls are Getting Hooked on Smoking

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Girls smoking Over 13 % of kids between the ages of 12 and 18 in Shanghai have lighted up and practically 4 % of them are cigarette users, based on a research led by Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s public health school.

The research also discovered that there was an increasing number of girls consuming tobacco products.

Prior to World No Tobacco Day, native health gurus are calling for children to be informed about the hazards of cigarette use and recommending regulations on cigarette promotion and restrictions on their accessibility to tobacco products. The study, covering up about 40,000 students in the city’s schools and universities from 2010 to 2012, examined the occurrence of smoking among youngsters and the key factors that brought them to smoke. He Yaping, the survey chief, stated that youngsters were more likely to start smoking if their classmates or friends lighted up.

Advertising, TV, movies and claims declaring that low-tar cigarettes presented less danger also misinformed children to start smoking. “Shanghai had removed almost all outdoor cigarette advertisements by 2010, however the authorities must do a lot more to decrease smoking such as reducing cigarette sales in stores close to schools, boosting the price of cigarettes and advertising health education,” stated Hu Zhaoming, director of the Shanghai Association on Smoking Control. “Health care staff and teachers ought to be role models in smoking management.” Hu added China should drive smoking control throughout the whole country, where smoking production, sales and smokers constitute over a third of the world total. For instance, in Shanghai, around 35 % of people above 15 years old consume tobacco products. “We are also lobbing regional lawmakers to change the city’s anti-smoking legislation in order to have a full smoking ban in all indoor public places,” he stated.

Shanghai’s anti-smoking regulation, which became effective on March 1, 2010, prohibits cigarette use in 13 types of places like kindergartens, museums and Internet cafes and demands special separate smoking and non-smoking places in entertainment areas, and bigger restaurants and hotels. This weekend, more than 20 couples will take part in a wedding ceremony where they will promise that their weddings will be smoke free.

Davidoff Announced First Revenue Drop in 17 Years

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Davidoff cigarettes Imperial Tobacco, Europe’s giant cigarette manufacturer, revealed the first fall in profits since it listed on the stock market 17 years ago as a result of challenging circumstances in Europe. Adjusted operating revenue dropped 6.5 % to 1.43 billion pounds within six months, Bristol, England-based Imperial Tobacco mentioned currently in a report.

Per-share profits increase for the whole year is anticipated to be lower of around 4 % to 8 %, the manufacturer of Davidoff and West cigarettes announced in the report. Business environments were “tough” in the European Union, especially in Spain, France and Germany, where economic challenges are “more evident,” it mentioned. Chief Executive Officer Alison Cooper agreed that the company will “reinforce delivery in the 2Q and also in 2014.”

Europe’s economic decline has also affected volumes at bigger competitors such as British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip Morris International. Imperial, which flagged a possible decrease in first-half revenue in January, is dealing with a risk to its business from the potential plain-packaging requirement in the UK, where it is the main leader with around 45 % of the tobacco market. A modification to UK law on packaging may be unveiled in the Queen’s speech.

Imperial Tobacco increased 0.2 % to 2,303 pence in London trading. For instance, in Australia, which launched plain packaging, there has been no impact on the tobacco use,” Cooper stated, and “I don’t find any problem from being market leader” in the UK
Imperial intends to lower costs in order to make savings of around 300 million pounds per year by 2018, including 30 million pounds in the 2Q of this year to raise profits, Cooper explained.

Imperial Tobacco is following its competitors as BAT and Philip Morris International in elaborating the popular new-generation products, which the firms state are less hazardous since they provide nicotine without having to burn tobacco.
BAT projects to sell its first this sort of product, which is not an electronic cigarette, in the coming year, whilst PMI is planning for the 2017. Imperial has a division known as Fontem Ventures that is “considering new consumer experiences which are closest to tobacco, but not really tobacco,” Cooper stated. “It’s too promptly to expose any details,” she said.

Imperial’s shortage of a pipeline “is an origin of disappointment for many investors,” Bloomquist mentioned.
The amount of cigarette equivalent volumes sold by Imperial Tobacco in the 1Q dropped by 5.9 %. Cigarette manufacturers are counting on larger prices along with growth in growing markets to compensate decreasing usage and increasing government levies in Western Europe and North America.