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Smoke-Free Signs Everywhere, Tobacco Use at School

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

cheap ok cigsIn spite of the widespread postings of signs banning its use, spectators at area high school football games have been seen using tobacco products in clear violation of the schools’ tobacco use ordinance. Tobacco use at sporting events was among the topics of discussion at the Kids’ Policy Council Coalition’s annual strategic meeting on how to lessen youth substance abuse. Tobacco use – both cigs and in smokeless tobacco products – has been saw by multiple committee members and Star-News staff members at recent football games. Two had seen cigarette smoking inside the stadium at three different high schools, while another reportedly witnessed those with “dip” or a tobacco chew inside their mouths, also while at the sporting events.

Tobacco smoking is banned on all school areas not only in Covington County, but also across the state and the nation. Each of the county’s three school systems has specific legislation in place to deal with tobacco smoking on school properties.

In Andalusia, the use of any tobacco product is strictly prohibited on all school system property and is prohibited at all school related activities and events, Superintendent Ted Watson declared. The policy applies to all employees, students, sales people and visitors.

There is a discipline scale for student violators; but, enforcing the school’s no-tobacco law is one of the main reasons city police officers attend games, Watson added.

Smoking warnings are also posted on all doors, and violators will be asked to leave, he argued.

“It’s very easy  to enforce the policy in an inside place because the activity is smaller and the smoke tobacco evident,” Watson said. “It’s difficult when have outdoor event, especially given the size of the stadium and the number of the people. We do have law there, and inhabitants know that smoking tobacco is banned. There are smoke-free signs everywhere, acting as reminders that tobacco smoking is not acceptable at any school activities.”

Watson explained that the same rule applies to the coaching staff.

Electronic Cigarette Smokers Examination, Greek Clinical Study

Monday, October 29th, 2012

cheap hilton cigaretteElectronic cigs, an increasingly popular new option among smokers trying to quit, do not appear to pose a threat to the heart, according to results of a clinical research presented on Saturday. Greek scientists declared that  electronic cigarettes – battery-powered metal tubes that transform liquid laced with nicotine into vapor – had no adverse effects on cardiac function in their small trial. “Electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer smoking alternative to tobacco smoking,” Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens told the annual conference of the European Society of Cardiology.

“Considering the extreme hazards linked with cigarettes smoking, currently available data supposed that electronic cigarettes are less harmful and substituting tobacco with electronic cigs may be favorable to health.”

Farsalinos and his team examined the heart function of 20 young smokers before and after smoking one cigarette against that of 22 e-cigarette users before and after using the device for seven minutes.

While the cigarette smokers suffered serious heart dysfunction, including raised blood pressure and heart rate, those using electronic cigs had only a slight increase in pressure.

The Greek clinical study was the first in the world to look at the cardiac effects of electronic cigarettes. Another small research, also in Greece, reported earlier this year the devices had little influence on lung function.

Farsalinos acknowledged bigger investigations were still needed to examine the possible long-term effects of e-cigs, while other doctors attending the medical meeting in Munich were very cautious about giving them a clean ordinance of health just yet.

“Evidently, the electronic cigarette has a big advantage of not having the thousands of other chemicals, besides nicotine, that a cigarette has,” argued Dr. Russell Luepker of the University of Minnesota.

Tobacco Market Faced Profit Drop, Smoking Ban

Friday, October 26th, 2012

discount marlboro cigaretteSince the University of Montana introduced its campus smoking ban last year, the University Center Market has lost $27,000 in income. The shop faces a tighter budget, a reduced number of employees and increased prices, declared Bryan Thornton, the UC Market and Bookstore general manager. Jon Aliri, acting general manager of the University Bookstore, argued that the ban is not completely responsible for price hike, which have been caused by a number of different factors, including the recent economic drop.

“Inhabitants are making their own lunches now, faculty and students,” Aliri reported. “There is more of a motive to save.”

On top of increasing prices, the shop is in conversation with the UC on lowering its rent, Thornton explained. “Everybody on campus depends on money,” Thornton said. “One entity adjusts, and adjustments are then made somewhere else. So if the UC reduces the rent, that has to be passed on somewhere.”

Aliri also added that the Bookstore and the Market pay a joint lease of $381,000, of which the Market pays $40,000 yearly. The profit from smoking products once paid a majority of the Market’s share of the lease. As long as the smoking ban benefits the students, Aliri reported he doesn’t mind the loss.

“Our mission statement is to protect the life of the students,” Aliri said. “To us, it’s a little bit easier to cope when we know it’s for students. We are an involved part of the campus community, and we will support and continue to support any ordinance of the University’s.”

The Market is a non-profit organization and sells most things at a lower price than conventional shops. Cigs were never sold at a lower cost. Curry Health Services Health Promotions Specialist Brent Hildebrand said he’s seen a decline in smoking tobacco around campus since the ban.

“I mean, you are less likely to be walking behind a smoker walking to class,” Hildebrand said. “We still need to discuss more in the future about actual enforcement of the smoke-free law. It’s very difficult because we don’t want to single people out.”

Flavored Cigarettes Candy for Kids, Florida Tobacco Concern

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

cheap lady cigsFlorida’s Collier County Health Department is concerned about candy-flavored tobacco products they said targets kids. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything to keep the products off shop shelves. “Some of these smoking products might be located in your house and parents might not even know they are smoking products just because of the way they are marketed,” declared Rachel Brandhorst with the Collier County Health Department.

Brandhorst reported that candy-flavored tobacco products target kids, using fruit and candy flavors to mask the harsh taste of tobacco and get kids hooked early-on.

“A lot of children are doing it,” argued Nicole Cardenas, a Collier student who is part of the ‘Students Working Against Tobacco’ group. “Their parents might not know, they’re maybe getting it off the streets, from friends and even family members.”

Cardenas explained that students are tricked into thinking candy-flavored smoking tobacco isn’t as bad as regular tobacco-but the health effects are the same.

“Tobacco smoking is the main preventable cause of illnesses and death,” added Brandhorst.

In 2009, candy-flavored cigs were prohibited in Florida, but flavored cigars, cigarillos and chewing tobacco weren’t included in the new ban.

“The tobacco companies create products every year to try and get around those ordinances.”

Anyone 18 years and older can legally purchase the candy-flavored tobacco products at convenience shops across Southwest Florida and county health officials declared there’s nothing they can do about it.

Collier County had passed resolution urging vendors to stop selling the tobacco products, but only a state legislation can actually prohibit them.

Tobacco Factory in Petone Gives Free Cigs

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

cheap ok cigaretteA tobacco factory in Petone is continuing to give free cigs to its workers, even as health officials investigate the practice. This month, Imperial Tobacco’s commercial boss Brendan Walker declared that free cigarettes were available to staff during their breaks, for “product testing”. Hutt Valley Regional Public Health authorities met the tobacco company last week to discuss the new policy. Today, an Imperial Tobacco spokeswoman argued that “product testing” would remain in place in the meantime.

Earlier this month, Greater Wellington environmental regulation manager Al Cross said they had received four complaints about smells coming from the tobacco smoke.

The factory has raised its tobacco production and reported that the “sickly odor  local inhabitants can smell is a result of steam from blending tobacco leaf and water.

After one investigation in April, Imperial Tobacco was fined $1000 for breaching ordinances relating to odor  In the other cases it was discovered no breach had occurred.

“There is a big difference to what there used to be, but evidently they’re burning a lot more and they’ve got more business to do,” explained Kevin Lummis from Lummis Joinery.

Big Tobacco Dependence on Tobacco Taxes

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

order kent cigaretteThe battle against smoking tobacco would be closer to victory if our provincial governments ended their dependence on tobacco taxes and lawsuits against Big Tobacco. Last month Prince Edward Island filed suit against tobacco industries to recover health care costs going back to 1953, making it just the latest in a long list of Canadian provinces to do so. P.E.I. knows its chances for a big revenge are good. The tobacco industry looks like a cash-cow to provincial governments desperate for additional income.

Yet P.E.I.’s lawsuit is without value. It feeds off the popular view that Canadians have been helpless victims of tobacco businesses which have tricked them about the dangers of tobacco smoking. But the whole idea of holding the tobacco company uniquely responsible for the health consequences of smoking cig is a gross act of history.

Big Tobacco has had a lot of enablers, including our own provincial governments.

As anyone who was alive in the 1960s and ’70s will confirm, it has long been common knowledge that there were significant health risks from tobacco smoking. As early as 1964 the U.S. Surgeon-General linked smoking cigarettes and lung cancer.

This was followed by a succession of similar smoking warnings from numerous national and international public health organizations. In 1968, terminally ill actor William Talman from the Perry Mason TV show filmed a extended broadcast commercial in which he censured his lung cancer on a three-package-a-day habit.

By the 1980s there was no excuse for anyone to be ignorant of the smoking facts. Cigarette packs carried labels warning of the health risks of smoking habit. Advertising by tobacco industries in magazines, TV, and radio was illegal. Airlines prohibited smoking tobacco on flights.

As evidence that the message was sinking in, Canadian smoking rates dropped. As of 1987, 44 percent of inhabitants who had started smoking tobacco had quit.

Economy Encouraged by Smoke-Free Law, Saudi Arabia News

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

cheap camel cigsSmoking bans in restaurants have affected economic-related issues in a positive way, though some owners think this will negatively influence their businesses. A recent study indicated that the size of the Kingdom’s tobacco products market was estimated at SR 14 billion and the volume of every day expenditure on cigs SR 30 million. The investigation also noted that the Kingdom’s smokers ranked fourth globally, with each of them smoking 2,130 cigs every year, which is one of the highest smoking rates in the world.

At present, approximately 3,500 restaurants and coffee stores have been ordered by the Ministry of Interior to turn into tobacco-free restaurants or to shut down. However, investigators in the hospitality sector declared that the smoking ban would have a very important impact on restaurant owners’ customers.

“Restaurants will lose big amounts of money with such decisions. A noticeable restaurateur in Jeddah argued that Arab News that the restaurant’s daily profit of SR 10,000 is likely to be declined to SR 500 per day with the implementation of the new  smoke-free law. Adel Makki, a member of hospitality committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, corroborated this.

When a businessman decides to open a restaurant, he joints into the project after conducting an investigation that takes into consideration the smoking cigarettes element as a main source of income, which is why he invests more than SR 10 million in such start-ups.