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Cigarettes Sales Prohibited in Watertown, Tobacco Business

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

best dunhill cigaretteWatertown pharmacies will soon be prohibited from selling Dunhill cigarettes and other tobacco products. The Watertown Board of Health voted unanimously on August 15 to ban the sale of smoking products at all health care institutions, like supermarkets that work pharmacies. “It sends the wrong message for health-care institutions, including pharmacies, to sell smoking products. Healthcare institutions are places that should be advertising health, and the harmful health effects of smoking are well known,” declared Watertown Director of Public Health Steven Ward in a research.

The board also voted to increase the minimum cigarettes sale age from 18 to 19, which will affect the 43 licensed tobacco retailers in town.

The “Regulation of the Watertown Board of Health Banning the Sale of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Products” will go into effect on Dec. 1, 2012. Pharmacies will be permitted to continue to sell nicotine patches and other FDA-approved substances for quit smoking habit. Boston was the first city in Massachusetts to ordain a similar law. Almost 32 per cent of Massachusetts is currently covered by similar ordinances.

Town Council President Mark Sideris argued that the two CVS pharmacies in Watertown will be affected by the new ban. He also added that he sent a letter to the Board of Health voicing his support for the smoking ban.

Tobacco Museum in China, Kids Education

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

discount beratt cigaretteStudy showed that the Tobacco Museum of China placed in Shanghai has become a “patriotic education special base”. Nevertheless, many inhabitants have discussed the controversy, declaring that the museum can be a subtle but effective promotion for cigarettes consumption, reported an article in Legal Daily. The development attitude of the tobacco company does not look very optimistic. And although the industry still contributes a lot of revenue to the State treasury, the severe health damage that smoking cigs effect is well-known.

Many inhabitants are asking how could a tobacco museum show only the fulfillment of the tobacco company. Massive incomes and stories about famous men and celebrities addicted to smoking tobacco do not tell much about the harm it can cause. So how can the museum be a “patriotic education base” ?

The museum can be a worse influence on children. There is no harm in constructing a museum showing the development of the tobacco company and tobacco culture. But such a museum should have nothing to do with kids’ education or teaching.

But education should be the maintained of schools, colleges and universities and never be widened to places like tobacco museums, which, according to some specialists, can poison youngsters’ mind with wrong information.

Public awareness has always played a very important role in controlling smoking habit in the country. Now it has urged people to question the use of a tobacco museum for charity and patriotic education.

That’s why public reaction is much more important for controlling smoking than official actions like the China Tobacco Control Association’s request to the Shanghai municipal government to remove the museum’s “patriotic education base” tag.

Premium Smoking Areas Opened in Tokyo

Friday, August 24th, 2012

buy kent cigaretteJapan is one of the more cigarettes-friendly countries in the world; there are no ordinances banning cigs in buildings, and the smoking rate stays high. That said, more and more public places are starting to prohibit cigarettes, so places like train stations very often have gathered smoking places where inhabitants struggle to breathe. As an alternative to these, a new company called Ippuku (“puff”) is opening new public smoking areas around Tokyo that use contactless smart card technology for payments.

Smokers will now pay ¥50 (approximately $0.64) a time with their Suica or Pasmo passes, both of which are common forms of electronic money in Tokyo that use the Sony-developed FeliCa RFID system. The cards can also be used even for public transportation, vending machines, and payments at convenience shops. Ippuku’s pay-as-you-go rooms have subway-stile gates where clients must touch their cards to enter; in an interview with Nikkei Trendy, a company representative declared that the use of smart IC cards will help encourage inhabitants to come to the rooms without feeling lack or having to search around for a coin.

Once inside, the rooms have Wi-Fi, TV, and power exits, and the company seems assure that its new combination of ventilation, aroma sprays, and water-based special processing system for cigarettes butts will create a very comfortable atmosphere. Right now there are three Ippuku special rooms in the Chiyoda-ku area of Tokyo, which has a history of advertising smoking labels — it was actually the first place in Japan to prohibit smoking in the streets a decade ago. Ippuku is thinking outside Chiyoda, however, and the new plan is to open 36 more rooms in the next three years with a focus on business areas.

Cigarettes Plain Packages Ordinance, Big Tobacco

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

cheap dunhill cigaretteBig Tobacco, as the industry is coming to be called even by objective reporters, is unlikely to find much sympathy in its fight against the latest danger to its business plain packages. Most people maybe wonder why it matters if cigarette makers are no longer permitted to put their brands conspicuous on the packs. Few estimate how much any tobacco consumer depends on its smoking brand, and how much producers invest in establishing and maintaining the brand name. “Intellectual property” might be a grandiose name for commercial smoking branding but it is most sure property and governments are guilty of confiscating it if they legislate to prevent its use.

The New Zealand Government is thinking over ordinance, “subject to consultation”. That is maybe an invitation to industry lobbyists for to continue talking to ministers while the Government waits to see if alike law in Australia happens.

The Gillard Government’s plain-pack law, to come into force in December, has just endured a challenge by four tobacco companies who claimed the legislation breached Australia’s constitution. The High Court ruled it did not. But that is just the first of three legal tests the ordinance faces.

The second is a case before the World Trade Organisation brought by Governments of a number of tobacco-manufacturing countries with the support of brand-owning companies. They claim plain cigarettes pack is a technical barrier to tobacco trade. The third action, brought by one cigarette company, Philip Morris, challenges the legislation under the terms of an Australian trade contract with Hong Kong.

As long as the Australian regulation does not discriminate between smoking products of any country it should satisfy WTO rules and free-trade acts. The fears that these sorts of actions threaten a nation’s position and democracy are promoted mainly by those opposed to free trade in principle, not tobacco product in particular.

Minor Smokers in Santa Barbara County, Tobacco Sales

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

discount kiss cigaretteRecent secret operation found an ongoing problem with stores selling tobacco products to minors. The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department worked with ordinance pressure and youth-serving agencies to conduct its annual act of tobacco products sales to youngsters. As in past investigation, a wide variation in cigarettes sales rates was seen throughout the county. Goleta had an alarmingly high rate of illegal sales with 39% (12/31) selling to the lure. Over the last five years of data, the cities of Carpinteria, Goleta, and Guadalupe all had their highest amounts of unlawful sales this year.

In addition, Solvang and Buellton’s rates increased meaningly in comparison to having no underage tobacco sales in 2011. Lompoc showed an important amelioration with only 3% (1/33) of retailers selling this year compared to 31% (9/29) last year. The unincorporated areas showed improvement as well with 13% (8/63) of cigarettes sales this year compared to 18% (11/62) last year. Santa Maria retailers continued to show strong compliance  to the ordinances with only 3% (2/79) selling this year and 6% (2/31) selling last year.

In 2012, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors intensified the penalties associated with selling tobacco products to minors.

Dawn Dunn, Program Administrator of the County’s Tobacco Prevention Settlement Program argued, “Although there is evidently room for improvement, we are pleased to see the illegal tobacco sales rate drop in the unincorporated areas which have a strong licensing regulation. We will continue to educate the retailers about the ordinances and the importance of checking ID’s and not selling cigs to minors.”


Cheap Cigarettes and Beer Drinkers, Tax Revenues

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

buy cheap vogue cigarettesFinance Secretary Cesar Purisima is evidently censuring the poor smokers for favoring cheap cigs. He declared that the government lost P32.4 billion in incomes from 2006 to 2010, as the current high tax embolden smokers and beer-drinkers to purchase cheap cigarettes and alcohol beverages. The declaration is Purisima’s way of convincing the senators to endorse HB 5727 that will impose extra tax of almost 700 percent on low end, cheap smoking brands.

According to Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, the multi-tiered structure under the present “sin tax” system has resulted to past revenues of P19.5 billion due to the downshifting to lower-priced cigs during the four-year period, and P12.9 billion due to the downshifting of consumption to lower-priced alcohol products.

Purisima argued that the foregone revenues in smoking products could have been spent on healthcare services, such as Philhealth premium financial aid to eight million poor families, rotavirus vaccine to 29 million kids, various vaccines to nine million children, and influenza and pneumonia vaccine to 11 million senior inhabitants.

“We considered that the reduction in the share of high and medium priced tobacco brands to be 18 per cent, translating to almost 4.2 billion packages lost, equal to P19.5 billion in revenue foregone for the government,” Finance Assistant Secretary Ma. Teresa Habitan reported over the weekend.

Purisima reported that while smokers shifted to lower-priced cigs, the state health cost of smoking remains the same.

“They do not know that the health cost of tobacco is the same, indifferent of the price,” the finance chief added.

The Department of Health argued that during its presentation at the Senate Committee on Ways and Means high tax hearing last week that the estimated health cost of smoking tobacco in 2011 is P177 billion, which is a signal especially in comparison to the P26 billion excise tax revenues collected by the government year ago.

Electronic Cigarettes – The Hottest Invention

Monday, August 20th, 2012

buy beratt cigaretteA number of online sites believed that e-cigarette is the hottest discovery in the tobacco industry to date. After the growth of the electronic cigarettes industry, smoke bloggers and websites started to appreciate electronic cigarettes as the best invention in the industry. The popularity of electronic cigarette has been in vogue in several cigarette review sites with positive reviews of different e-cig products and smoking brand.

“The new invention is just amazing. It cuts costs. It is a lot less harmful. It is able to be used and rechargeable. What more can a regular smoker asks for,” explained one of the bloggers who believed in the wonders of e-cigarette.

Electronic smokes hit the tobacco market a little bit unsteady at the beginning. But as many sites and blogs adjust to this innovation, e cigarette started to become identified as the best smoking alternative.

E-cig is a device similar to a traditional cigarette but is built differently with the electronic technology. The technique can give one the same taste and feel of traditional tobacco smoking but uses vapor instead of smoke. The smoking device also comes with rechargeable batteries and some has permissive cartridges.

Many bloggers believe that one of the best advantages of electronic cigarette is on the health effect. As many Americans today die from lung cancer, a large percentage of this is non-smokers, smokers are counselled to regulate smoking if not quit it.