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Tobacco Exports From India, International Tobacco Business

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

discount kent cigsGiving a relaxation to the tobacco company, which has been fighting on the international platform, tobacco exports from India are a little picking up and have registered an ascending trend during the first two months in the first quarter of the financial year. It is a strong suggestion that the demand for the Indian products will raise later soon. Even though the previous financial year ended on a negative direction with almost 7 percent decrease in exports, it recovered quickly following the increase in exports in April and May 2012.

According to industry sources, Indian traders exported stocks worth approximately Rs 562.85 rupee against Rs 522.94 crore during the corresponding period in 2011. An increase of over Rs 40 crore in just two months is very important, given the poor export trends that have been reported for the past few years. In fact, total exports till March 2012 decreased by nearly 7 percent in terms of total value as it decreased to Rs 3090.21 crore from Rs 3192.39 crore reported during 2010-11.

Tobacco traders are struggling to manage the position as neither they could cut down the act nor arrange off all the stocks. The merchants started picking up stocks actively from the local platforms only after getting strong suggestions from the international tobacco market that the global demand for the Indian products is likely to see northward in the coming days.

Furtive Smokers Hide the Smoking Habit

Monday, July 30th, 2012

best winston cigarettesMost smokers who hide their smoking habit make it a point not to tell their parents, grandparents and kids, according to a recent investigation. Although half of the smokers interviewed are open about their smoking habit, 70 percent of those who hide it do so from their parents. A further 20 percent hide it from grandparents and 14 percent from their kids. This arose from a research carried out as part of the EU-wide Ex-smokers Are Unstoppable campaign that focuses on encouraging Europeans to quit smoking. Smoking tobacco continues to be the main cause of preventable death and disease in the EU, with 29 percent of Europeans smoking.

Many smokers, 44 percent, felt smoking tobacco prevented them from feeling healthy and in control of their health or from practising sports. A further 10 percent declared it can cause problems in bars. Around a third argued that they found it obstinate to resist having a cigarette when communicating with other smokers, when drinking alcohol and even after a meal. Others found it very difficult to resist when stressed and first thing in the morning.

A third of inhabitants told that they would feel proud if they never smoked again and a similar percentage thought they would feel healthy and motivated to keep their health. However, 19.8 percent declared that it would make them anxious and 14 percent said they would feel less sociable. The study also found that the most helpful factors in stop smoking were willpower and desire to do this. In fact, the biggest barrier to quit smoking was absence of willpower.

The “positive” aspects of smoking tobacco included stress management and enjoying a cigarette smoke when drinking. More than a quarter, 28 percent, expressed a wish to kick the smoking habit within a year and 14 percent argued that they wanted to quit but over a longer period.

No-Smoking Law Gaps in Pennsylvania

Friday, July 27th, 2012

cheapest ok cigarettesPennsylvania’s no-smoking regulation has too many gaps that should be eliminated for to protect more workers from the passive smoking, leaders of anti-tobacco groups told state lawmakers at a hearing in Pittsburgh Thursday. Members of the House Democratic Policy Committee were urged to remove the exemptions in the almost 4-year-old law that permit clients and employees in many workplaces,  including casinos, bars and even private clubs, for to continue to smoke their cigarettes.

“While Pennsylvania has a clean indoor air legislation, it is not complete and fails to fully protect all its inhabitants equally under the law,” Cindy Thomas, executive director of Tobacco Free Allegheny, declared.

Under the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act, which took effect in September 2008 after more than a decade of legislative wrangling, bars can apply for an exemption if they don’t permit anyone under 18 inside and if food accounts for 20 per cent or less of total tobacco sales. At the state’s 11 casinos, half the gaming floor is exempt. There is no doubt that the “witches brew” of chemicals in cigarettes smoke causes cancer, heart disease and other ailments, explained Diane Phillips, government relations official with the American Cancer Society.

“Because there is no secure level of exposure to secondhand smoke, it’s time to leave these exemptions and protect inhabitants rather than protecting cigarettes consumption,” she argued.

The hearing at the University of Pittsburgh’s O’Hara Student Center in Oakland was requested by Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Squirrel Hill, prompted in part, he reported, by a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in April that appeared questions about how well the smoking ban was being implemented. Mr. Frankel told that he hoped the hearing was the first of many intended to spur changes in the legislation.

Smoking at Iftar is Unsafe

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

cheap camel cigsThe first cigarette puff immediately after ending the fast can kill a person, doctors explained that while urging Muslim smokers to use the opportunity to quit the habit this Ramadan. Smoking can be harmful for a fasting person whose body is trying to compensate after abstaining from water and food for so long time. Smokers must consider themselves very lucky if they do not contract serious cardiovascular problem, experts added.

“Smoking tobacco is the worst thing a person can do to his body, especially at iftar in Ramadan,” declared Dr Riaz Ahmad Minhas, an expert in internal medicine at the Emirates Clinic and Medical Centre in Al Ain.

At this time, he argued, the body is in greater need of liquids, glucose, and oxygen and smoking tobacco could lead to the contraction of blood vessels, preventing the required flow of oxygen. Smoking cig at such a critical time can also cause the blood to thicken.

This can lead to the blockage of arteries, increase blood pressure, spasms, disturb regular heartbeat, and also increase cholesterol. “It could be fatal and smokers must be informed of that it,” added Dr Minhas.

Dr Ali Jaffar, a physician in Al Ain, explained that inhalation of tobacco at the ending of a fast is highly dangerous to the human body. People do not know how hard it is for their bodies to oppose such a blow at such a time. “If they knew they wouldn’t be so fierce to their own bodies,” he concluded.

Marlboro Sales, Altria Tobacco Blends

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

cheap marlboro cigsAltria has introduced several new tobacco products with the Marlboro smoking brand, very often with lower pricing for to try to keep the brand sales growing and allure smokers from its competitors, who also have fought that cigarette sales dropped with promotional prices. They include special tobacco blends of both menthol and non-menthol cigs. Among new brands are Marlboro Eighty-Threes, which Altria said updates Marlboro’s packs, and Marlboro Black in menthol and non-menthol new versions.

Altria is fighting for its tobacco market share as Americans purchase fewer cigs. The company’s tobacco products amount has fallen recently, but it has maintained its profit by raising cigarette prices.

The cigarette maker faces pressure in the current state economy from less-expensive smoking brands such as like Pall Mall from Reynolds American Inc. and Maverick from Lorillard Inc. Marlboro sold for an average of $5.71 per package during the first quarter, in comparison with an average of $4.23 per package for the cheapest smoking brand.

In the first quarter, the Marlboro smoking brand gained 0.1 point of tobacco market share in the first quarter to end with 42.3 per cent of the U.S. market despite a 3.4 per cent drop in the number of Marlboro-branded cigarettes sold. Altria’s overall cigarette amounts fell 2.6 per cent to 31.1 billion cigs, hurt by declines of premium tobacco products like Marlboro.

Altria and other cigarette companies also are looking for growth from cigarettes alternatives such as cigars, snuff and even chewing tobacco. So researchers will want to see how Altria’s Black & Mild cigars and Copenhagen and Skoal smokeless products, as well as Marlboro Snus, fulfill.

Noida Village Prohibited Gutkha, Alcohol and Tobacco

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

discount marlboro cigsThe Panchayat of Sarfabad in Noida, a village known for its rich history in wrestling, on Sunday  prohibited all forms of smoking products and announced fines and punishment for those who dared to violate the law. “Inhabitants caught selling and consuming products like gutkha and kheni in the village will have to pay Rs 1,000 and Rs 500. We will decide on harsher penalty for repeat violations,” panchayat member Sukhbir Singh, the brain behind the initiative, explained.

He argued: “Our next step will be to prohibit tobacco use and alcohol.”

Sarfabad is known for its champion wrestlers. “This village has produced greats such as Capt. Malkhan Yadav, who has won several medals for the country. For a wrestler, a healthy body is very important. Nowadays, many youngsters have become addicted to bad habits,” Singh added.

Himself a wrestler who won many medals during his stint in the Army, Singh declared: “Many villagers got cancer because of cigs. We needed the prohibit to stem the rot.”

All the 50-odd stores in the village have accepted the new smoking ban, burning almost 200 packs of gutkha during the panchayat conference.

“Tobacco business will be affected. But then, nobody wants their kids or family members to be victims of smoking,” grocer Mukul Chand, the biggest gutkha seller in the neighborhood, argued.

Vikram Singh, another panchayat member, gave a bigger picture of the village decision. “Tobacco is not prohibited UP, which has been one of the biggest consumers. By prohibiting tobacco products in our village, we want to send a message to the UP government to take note of this menace and introduce a blanket ban on cigarettes use in the state,” he confessed.

Teen Smokers More Likely To Try Electronic Cigarettes

Friday, July 20th, 2012

discount winston cigsNew study findings released today show new insight into the use and awareness of electronic cigs, devices that permit smokers to inhale vaporized nicotine. According to a peer-reviewed scientific posts in the American Journal of Public Health, 40.2 per cent of Americans have heard of e-cigarette and over 70 per cent believe that they are less dangerous than other tobacco products. In addition, smokers are more apt to use electronic cigarettes than non-smokers. This is the first nationally representative study to look at awareness and influence of these products.

E-cigarettes, officially  known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), really are drug-delivery devices and not cigarettes at all. They have recently earned attention in the media, public health and public policy arenas. While proponents claim e-cigarettes are a harm-reducing alternative to smoking, scientists have increased concerns about the need for ordinance of any new nicotine-delivery product, as well as how they might affect smokers who are trying to stop smoking, or attract non smokers, especially youngsters, who might be willing to try a “high-tech” approach to nicotine intake or be allured by the availability of tobacco flavors.

“The study suggest that younger smokers are more likely to have ever tried to smoke electronic cigarette,” declared Jennifer Pearson, PhD, Research Investigator at the Schroeder Institute at Legacy. “We don’t know why youth are more likely to try e-cigs, but this highlights the need for more information on the health and behavioral consequences of exclusive ‘vaping’ and dual use with combustible smoking products.”