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Cigarettes Tax Increase Causes Low Goods

Friday, June 15th, 2012

cheap virginia cigaretteCigarettes inventory is low across the state of Illinois, and one organization said that it comes from a combination of clients supplies and the state holding back on cigarettes stamps ahead of a new tax hike. Customers are stocking up on tobacco products, purchasing extra packages and cartons before the price raised. “It’s a man that usually buys one carton,” William Fleischli, Vice President of the Illinois Association of Convenience stores told the State Journal-Register. “Now he wishes to purchase two or three cartons, trying to save in this way $18 or even $20.”

Fleischli argued that the state of Illinois is holding back on the tobacco sale of tax stamps, which are required to trade cigs at retailer.

“They’re also restricting the sale of a product in expectation of a product going up in price,” he added. “They’re going to gain because the price increased.”

The Department of Revenue spokesman Greg Rivara debated that claim and said stamp availability was raised by 25 per cent.

The state department is not permitting shops to buy more than their average number of stamps for this time of year, but the 25 per cent increase was proposed for the seasonal rise in smoking tobacco and the influx of those trying to detour the tobacco tax increase, the State Journal-Register reported.


Tobacco Farmers and New Smoking Alternatives

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

cheap ahram hookah onlineGovernments should offer farmers appropriate smoking alternatives to growing tobacco plants as the ‘detrimental’ costs of planting tobacco far increasing their state economic benefits. “Tobacco growing carries health, environment and socio-economical risks. Studies found that more and more farmers that want to quit planting it. But you have to give them alternatives,” Anne-Marie Perucic, health economist of World Health Organization’s Smoke-free Initiative, declared on Thursday.

“The smoking alternatives will vary by country,” she explained on the sidelines of the ongoing 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in the Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore.

She argued that incidents of diseases related to the farmers’ exposure to tobacco smoke like green tobacco sicknesses are very increased across the globe.

“Tobacco planting causes deforestation and contaminates water supply because of pesticides. Soil decomposed because of intensive use of fertilizers for tobacco growing.”

In addition, she added, cigarettes butts littered anywhere are also very toxic and harmful to environment.


Cigarettes Taxes Proposed in Danville

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

buy gauloises cigarettesSome smokers think the price for a package of cigs is high, but that price may be getting worse in Danville. This week, the city manager proposed 30 cents per packaging tax increase that would be included in next year’s budget. Approximately every city in the state has cigarettes tax, but Danville’s not among them. The state budget there has become so compact that officials are saying this may be the only new option.

“It should stay at the same tobacco price it’s at because everything is so high, why go up on cigs too?” declared smoker Belinda Fitzgarald.

The average cost per package in Danville is almost $4, and with an extra tax proposed on top of that, some smokers aren’t pleased.

“Cause they know they are addicted to tobacco smoking, so they keep increasing the price higher and higher,” explained Fitzgarald.

“Some persons smoke, other persons don’t. But also some of them eat in restaurants, other people don’t. We have taxes on restaurants and hotel rooms, and cigs would fall into that category,” added Joe King, the Danville City Manager.

City income is slim, and officials think it’s about favorable time smokers to start paying for their smoking habit.

“It’s very important for cities to have sources of income that produce ongoing… not just one time revenue sources, but every year,” reported King.

Thirty of 39 cities in Virginia tax cigs, but Danville isn’t one of them. Officials argued that they’ve already made too many cuts to the budget. The only answer now without raising property taxes is cigs.


Smoking Ban Positive Impacts on Wellington Businesses

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

discount kent cigaretteMaking the Golden Mile smoke-free could help raise businesses by making the city center a pleasant place to be. A new study has found Wellington businesses are unperturbed at the thought smoking being prohibited in the city center. Of the 198 business owners and managers spoken to along the stretch from Lambton Quay to Courtenay Place, 83 percent thought it would have either a positive or little impact on business, Public health researchers from University of Otago, Wellington, found.

Research co-author, Associate Professor Nick Wilson, declared the study was carried out in light of increasing moves towards smoke-free city streets and shopping places in the United States and Australia.

The lack of  interest from the majority of businesses showed that many could consider it a positive measure if the city streets became smoke-free, he added.

”It could even be the case that by making the center city more pleasant, smoke free streets could increase business effectiveness.”

The study results come after Wellington City Council’s plan and policy committee last week approved a new move to make all city playgrounds, sports fields and skate parks smoke-free.

The smoking ban will see signs set up in playgrounds and parks, but no fines for inhabitants who violate the rule.

But while councillors voted unanimously to prohibit smoking in parks, they voted down a movement by councillor Stephanie Cook calling for council staff to examine further smoke-free places, including the Golden Mile and al fresco dining.


Smoking Could Be Prohibited in Auckland

Monday, June 11th, 2012

cheap karelia cigaretteA new study to this week’s Parks Recreation and Heritage Forum recommends the non-regulatory smoke-free legislation initially be  confined to council-controlled open places such as parks, reserves, skate parks, playgrounds and sports fields, but reported that over time its main aims would be widened to other public areas and events. Councillors will vote for or against the development of the smoke-free law at the forum it would then be passed on to the Regional Development and Operations Committee.

The study lists the benefits of a new prohibition in town centers, pedestrian malls and streetscapes as denormalising smoking habit, reducing cigarettes butt litter and also decreasing exposure of kids to tobacco smoke.

But it says it may drive smokers to grow in certain places, would be difficult to enforce and may not be supported by the state business community.

Auckland Council has received a range of smoke-free laws from legacy councils. Auckland Regional Council promoted smoke-free parks across the region.

In Manukau and Waitakere skate parks, stadiums, courts and sports fields were smoke-free and there was a prohibition at Northern Busway stations under the North Shore City Council.

Park, recreation and heritage forum chairwoman Sandra Coney reported earlier this year that she believed there was huge public support for a new smoking ban in parks but feedback would be sought before extending the ban to other public areas.

So, if the new policy was to come in to force it would not to be able to be enforced in any way but would be educational campaigns.

This proposal, which counts on pliability through social pressure, is by now used at Mt Smart Stadium, Eden Park and Auckland Zoo.

She declared that the non-regulatory investigation worked well at Mt Smart Stadium and there was no motive it couldn’t be effective elsewhere around the city.


Promotion on Cigarettes Company Tactics

Friday, June 8th, 2012

discount kent cigaretteScientists reviewed recently secret corporate documents released after legal action in America. These were examined to understand the new tactics used by the cigarettes industry when the European Union was developing the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in 1999. The TPD is at present under review which makes this report particularly pertinent, as many of the same tactics are being employed once again. Direct lobbying of politicians and civil servants who were seen to have special influence over the shape of the new law was a main tactic. The German government and MEPs played a very important role in this respect.

Indirect lobbying was also done through tobacco farmers, suppliers and distributors as well as engaging with trade organizations. Three main controversies were used to argue against the legislation.

The legal argument was that the proposed ordinances to control tobacco products were outside the EU’s jurisdiction and that the directive was in breach of free trade contracts.

The economic argument stated that the TPD was a danger to jobs, with tobacco industry studies exaggerating job losses while ignoring the possible health benefits.

Scientific arguments utilized the lack of technical expertise within the European Commission on the complex issues surrounding the Directive. This enabled tobacco industry representatives to gain direct access to officials.


Tobacco Smoking Could be Prohibited at Park

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

cheap marlboro cigaretteWhen Centennial Park officially opens in September, it may be a smoke-free area, and also depends on how that goes, additional outdoor venues in Helena and Lewis and Clark County may follow suit. During Wednesday’s joint City-County Parks Board conference, members fight with not only the practical turn of making city and county parks tobacco-free, but also with the philosophical and social exposures of doing so. The prohibition on smoking products could involve not only parks, but also golf courses and the exhibitions.

It also could be extended beyond cigs to include chewing tobacco products and also cigars. Already, tobacco smoking habit is banned by administrative new regulation at the Last Chance Splash Waterpark and Pool and by the Helena Brewers internal law at the city-owned baseball stadium.

“The Symphony Under the Stars is tobacco-free, and so is Alive @ Five,” argued Ken Wallace, who sits on the City-County Board of Health. “Last year at Alive @ Five, we wanted a pilot case for tobacco-free, and the Downtown Business Improvement District declared: “Forget that. We’ll make it smoke-free.’ We got very strong positive response for that.”

But City Commissioner Dick Thweatt questioned the justification for the new proposal. He explained that due to the dangers of passive smoking, the case was made for prohibiting smoking in indoor places, but that’s not necessarily the situation outdoors.

“I would like to see some evidence that kind of dispersed smoke is harmful to people’s health,” Thweatt said. “I agree that tobacco is the scourge of public health … but people outside the city are very independent and do what they want to do.”

Wallace said, however, that the issue goes beyond second-hand smoke.

“Our main focus has been on what parks are supposed to be doing and in our view it’s advertising healthy behavior,” Wallace reported. “Smoking cigarette is the contrast of healthy behavior, especially when it’s being modeled to kids. If it was just a number of adults playing golf or at the rodeo riding a steer, I possibly wouldn’t be of a mind to ban it. But I don’t think parks are about that.”