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Grand Forks Prohibited Smoking Tobacco

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

discount winston cigaretteA study conducted one year after Grand Forks prohibited smoking tobacco in bars and other public places shows 84 per cent of respondents support the new legislation. “It’s grown to be one of the most agreement-building regulations,” declared Cordell Fontaine, director of the Social Science Research Institute at UND, which conducted the survey of 691 adults in November and December 2011.

The survey results show big support since the new ban was enforced in August 2010, he argued. “It’s essentially a repetition of the investigation we’d done in 2010.”

Majority of those investigated also declared that they believed that secondhand smoke is harmful for people’s health and smoking should not be permitted in workplaces. They also reported that they supported bars more now than they did before the city banned cigarettes smoking in bars.

The study was commissioned by the Grand Forks Tobacco Free Union, which pushed the city to prohibit smoking in all public areas in Grand Forks. The $29,000 cost was paid for by the state Center for Tobacco Prevention and Smoking Control Policy, which administers parts of the settlement the state made with Big Tobacco.

High Outlook for Cigarettes

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

buy kent cigarettes onlineWhile there are those who would like to see cigs go up in smoke, c-shop operators can rest assured that this decisive category will continue to be brightly with activity. “Among the trends I see for 2012 is that there is going to be continued or exaggerated competition among the second rank brands,” declared Bonnie Herzog, managing director for beverage, tobacco and consumer study for Wells Fargo Securities in New York. “We’ve been sort of indicating that the ‘battle of the smoking brands’ among the second tier should continue.”

Included among the smoking brands Herzog and other tobacco analysts place into that second rank are Pall Mall, L&M, Maverick, Marlboro Special Blend and Newport Red. “That core group of brands will be fighting it out with increased ads activity and attention behind those cigarettes throughout the year,” she explained.

The top tier, Herzog argued, is still a place for which convenience shop operators need to contribute space.

“That will help to drive foot traffic into the shops,” he added.

Pricing throughout 2012, Herzog explained, will remain firm.

“I think the breaks between these different tiers will need to stay narrow given that many tobacco consumers are still facing financial pressures, most likely through to quit in this year, and that certainly puts some pressure on this category,” he reported.


Statewide Smoking Ban in Drug Stores

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

cheap esse cigsDisappointed Massachusetts public health regulators are sending letters to state legislators and the Patrick administration urging a ban on the sale of smoking products at pharmacies. By a unanimous vote Wednesday morning, the state Public Health Council, an appointed panel of doctors, consumer advocates, and professors, also decided to mail letters to the state’s Board of Registration in Pharmacy, which regulates pharmacists, asking it to take “all right actions” for to end the sale of cigarettes and other smoking products in pharmacies.

In November, the council voted unanimously to direct the state Department of Public Health to examine how to prohibit Esse cigarettes sales at pharmacies. Since then, the department has held debates with legislators to test their new plans, department commissioner John Auerbach, who also chairs the council, argued after Wednesday’s conference. He explained the department is waiting to see what new anti-smoking action the legislature takes.

More than two dozen Massachusetts communities, including Boston, Fall River, and Worcester, have already prohibited tobacco sales in pharmacies.

The council also is sending letters to the boards of directors of all major pharmacy chains that are operating stores in the state, asking them to review their policies regarding tobacco products sales. Council members reported that those sales are unsuitable with the chains’ mission statements.

“It is morally deplorable for people’s health care facilities … to continue to sell smoking products that will kill a third of their patrons and drive the others to use their numerous pharmacies for their smoking-related diseases,” explained Dr. Alan Woodward, past president of the Massachusetts Medical Society and a member of the Public Health Council.

Woodward, who sponsored the new suggestion, added a report released earlier this month from the US surgeon general that found tobacco products to be the leading cause of preventable and premature deaths, killing more than 1,200 Americans daily. That new study also found that the decrease of cig smoking among young people has slowed in the last decade, and that smokeless tobacco products use has stopped falling.

Smoke-Free Shore, Beachgoers Smoking Ban

Monday, May 28th, 2012

best quality pall mall cigaretteThe sign on the garbage can on Johnnie Mercers Fishing Pier in Wrightsville Beach is evident: “Walk your butt to the can to keep our beaches beautiful.” But if Wrightsville enforces the smoke-free beach regulation before the town’s Board of Aldermen, inhabitants who want to smoke cigs will have to walk farther than the trash bin. New Hanover County Board of Elections authorities this week approved a resident-led document for to pass a smoke-free beach law. Under town regulations, the petition now forces town leaders to enforce the legislation or put the issue to the public through a voter referendum.

If the ordinance passes, residents will have to leave the beach shore to smoke a cig. Wrightsville Beach will also become the first beach in the state to ban smoking on the shore.

Smokers who come to the beach without cigs are already hard-pressed to find a place to buy a package, argued Christine Scierpial, who was working at the gift store at Johnnie Mercers Fishing Pier.

The gift shop doesn’t sell tobacco products, but Scierpial explained that she gets asked at least once a day if they do. When she says no, “they’re disappointed,” she added.

Beachgoers on Sunday had different reactions to the proposed new tobacco smoking ban. Steve Mann, sitting in a low beach chair with a Marlboro cigarette in his hand, said he wasn’t crazy about the new idea of the law.

“I’d treat it like the alcohol prohibition,” he added. “I’d still come, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.”

Smoke-Free Olympic Games, Sochi News

Friday, May 25th, 2012

discount viceroy cigsIn a new effort to advertise good health and to follow their “smoke-free Games” plan, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee installed a “No Smoking” special placard in the Olympic Park even on March 30th. With the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Sochi will be the twelfth next Olympic Games to be free of tobacco smoke. More than 155,000 athletes, sports delegation representatives and volunteers will be protected by the no-smoking policy.

It was a ceremonious event when the head of the WHO representative office in Russia, Mr. Luigi Migliorini personally installed the official smoke-free sign when he was visiting the Olympic venues, which is still under construction. He also presented a seminar on firm development named “Controlled tobacco refusal and the creation of smoke-free medical institutions,” a debate of the most effective actions and new methods for to discourage smoking cigarettes during the coming Olympic Games.

Smoking tobacco products will be banned at all Olympic and Paralympic places. There will be designated special smoking places which are placed outside the area so as not to discomfort non-smokers. Smoking will also be prohibited in all bars and restaurants in Olympic Park. No tobacco will be sold in any of the Olympic venues, and the Organizing Committee’s no-smoking law will be transmission throughout the big events.


Lorillard Earnings Declined

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

discount dunhill cigsWe have descended our rating on Lorillard, Inc. from Outperform to Neutral on a weaker than expected first quarter 2012 results. Lorillard’s first quarter 2012 earnings of $1.74 per share dragged the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.99 per share because of top-line and margin decrease. Nevertheless, the first quarter profits leaded the prior-year quarter earnings of $1.71 per profit.

Quarterly incomes decreased 0.6% year over year to $1.526 billion, but exceeded the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $1.126 billion. Lower unit tobacco sales amount resulting from instabilities in the cigarettes trade inventory pattern during the quarter was partially neutralized the higher prices.

The company has been seen slow tobacco demand since the last few quarters. Further, governments around the world are enforcing restrictions on cigarettes makers for to reduce smoking habit in the respective countries in turn intensifying decrease in tobacco consumption across the world.

The Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’) in America has passed a law that will oblige the tobacco companies to use scary pictures on the cigarette packages to avoid clients away from starting smoking. FDA plans to decrease the smoking rate by 213,000 in 2013.

Tobacco companies are banned to market their smoking products through promotion. Advertising of smoking products through television and even through radio has been banned since 1971.

Camel Cigs Is Gaining Tobacco Market

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

buy discount camel cigarettesWe don’t know how to feel about Citi’s big study on young smokers. Analyst Vivien Azer reported that “young smoking brand preferences drive long-term market shares.” In this regard, investors might want to consider Camel, which has raised its tobacco market share among 12-17 year old by 21 per cent—a gain characteristic to the Camel Crush cig which switches to menthol when you pressure it.

And, of course, children like Joe Camel. Newport brand is also gaining popularity among teens.

While Marlboro smoking brand is losing share among younger people, Azer argued it may regulate this trend with new smoking products. In spite of losing ground, Marlboro remains the most famous smoking brand among children and adults.

Kids tend toward premium cigs because they usually smoke less, and they have a strong and growing favor especially for menthol cigs.

In general youth smokers rate are dropped, which Azer added is ” very good.”