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Smokers Quit in Nottingham

Friday, April 27th, 2012

cheap karelia cigaretteA lot of smokers in Nottingham have quit smoking. An investigation of 2,000 people across the city found that the number of adults smokers decreased by 4.5 percentage in the past year. The research, commissioned by Nottingham City Council and the local NHS, suggests the number of smokers dropped to 27.5 per cent in 2011.

The same study was published in 2010 and discovered 32 percent of people which were questioned were every day smokers.

Nottingham still stayed overhead the national average for England, which stands at 21 percent.

But Peter Cansfield, director of public health at NHS Nottingham City, declared  that the figures showed Nottingham was moving in the right course.

He added: “These results are very positive, they also show a general decrease in the number of regular smokers, so the movement is being just great.”

Mr. Cansfield explained that the figures could mean as many as 8,000 had quit smoking, but because the investigated people was small, this statistic couldn’t be counted.

The study was completed in December 2011. City council deputy Graham Chapman, reported: “At a time when Government cuts in our spending mean we are making vigorous decisions about how to deliver anti-smoking services, these results showed that we are focusing on people’s priorities and providing new services that signify to them the most.”

The research separated the city into nine regions. Researchers found in Bulwell and Bulwell Forest the highest amount of smokers at 35.3 percent. But Wollaton had the lowest percentage of smokes at 18.8 percent.


Smoke-Free Shopping Experience at Walden Galleria

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

discount glamour cigaretteCigarettes smoking will be banned on the areas of Walden Galleria starting with May 31. The Cheektowaga mall is one of 15 shopping big centers conducted by the Pyramid Management Group in New York and Massachusetts that will forbid the use of tobacco products everywhere on its property even on outdoor parking places. “We all believe that this new legislation will not only support our employees and clients who are very sensitive to cigarettes smoke or are trying to quit, but it will supply a more pleasing and healthier shopping experience to the millions of clients who come through our doors every day,” declared James L. Soos, Pyramid’s director of asset management who once worked as general manager at Walden Galleria.

Walden Galleria made the public announcement that it will be a “smoke-free property starting with May 31”. It also will propose smoking cessation courses for free in the community room at the mall every Thursday, starting with next week.

The courses will start from 8 to 9 a.m. on March 29 to April 19. Unintentionally, the mall will present a free event, “Kick Butts Day 2012,” which was sponsored by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.


Smoking Habit Motive, Depression

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

tax free bond cigarettesCurrent every day smokers have a more than triple increased risk for big depression, in comparison with ex-smokers. And while the link between smoking and depression is fully supported, the new finding adds another weave to the discussion between “shared-brittleness” and causal hypotheses about smoking cigarettes and depression.

“Our recent findings are compatible with the view that the heavy smoking to big depression pathway is causative in nature, rather than principally due to confounding by shared vulnerability factors,” reported Dr. Salma Khaled and her colleagues.

“Under the shared-vulnerability hypothesis, heavy smokers may be supposed to have the same raised risk for big depressive episode free of their smoking habit status during follow-up,” added Salma Khaled, Ph.D., in the April issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Dr. Khaled, who was at the Mental Health Center for Investigation and Teaching, Canada in Toronto at the time of this study, and colleagues looked at 3,824 smoking adults from the Canadian National Population Health Research. Participants in the study completed an interview between 1994 and 1995 and were potentially followed since then, with new interviews conducted every second year through 2006-2007.

To be included in the study, investigated people had to have maintained their smoking status as current, former, and never smokers throughout the study follow-up duration. “Heavy” smokers were defined as those subjects who smoked 20 or even more cigs per day.

“Ever-heavy smokers (current and former) may share similar genetic, behavioral, and environmental vulnerabilities, at least for heavy smoking initiation,” according to Dr. Khaled, who is now at the University of Calgary (Alta.), and her associates.

If these all factors were completely to censure for depression – as dictated by the shared vulnerability hypothesis – then we would expect former-heavy smokers and current smokers would have an equal likelihood of having a major depressive episode (MDE), she reasoned.

“However, if the persistence of the exposure (current as opposed to former) had the dominant effect on the risk for MDE, then current-heavy smokers would be expected to have higher risks of MDE relative to former smokers.”

In general, the 12-year risk of MDE for the whole sample was 13.2%, the authors discovered.


Imperial Tobacco Ex-President Confessions

Friday, April 20th, 2012

cheaper plugarul cigaretteThe ex-president of Imperial Tobacco Limited Company confessed in a confidential interview that he not consider and not accept the fact that smoking cigarettes is a really very serious health issue.  Then after a few months later he added that there is not arguments that tobacco smoking can causes disease. In a 1987 memo, Jean-Louis Mercier, along with Wilmat Tennyson, Imperial’s marketing man at the time, conceded that the cigarettes industry had lost the fight “on four critical fronts”: health, social price, social acceptance and secondhand smoke.

The memo concluded the tobacco industry should shift the censure to the federal state government.

Testifying Thursday at the trial in which smokers from Quebec are claiming $27 billion in damages from Canada’s big three Cigarettes Companies, Mercier repeated that the government, not the tobacco companies, was an error.

“Personally, I declared that if it is true that smoking kills 32,000 people a year, I don’t understand one thing why we sell cigarettes,” Mercier added in a large courtroom filled with lawyers on the top floor of Montreal’s courthouse. “Why does the government permit it?”

Mercier also reported that the gov, which has made billions of dollars over the years from cigarettes sales tax, should have put some of that money into researching how the negative effects of smoking could be reduced.


Tobacco Business Worry, Cigarette Taxes

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

tax free camel cigarettesNeighbors in the town of Bridgewater are keeping a close on eye on new tobacco products taxes that they will pay soon. The cigarettes tax is the most disputable proposed tax and small tobacco business owners are not happy about the new changes. As John Marklin, the co-owner of Bridgewater Food Supermarket, stocked the cigs at his shop, he was reminded of a 20-cent tax that may soon be added to cigarettes prices. He is afraid that because of it he will lost the customers.

“We have positive experience in knowing, that when you do have a tax like this, it will eventually reduce Camel cigarettes sales. As a retailer, we are always interested about that,” declared Marklin.

As town leaders reported at Tuesday’s public hearing, they want to make this easy on their citizens. With a cigarette tax, they can get more and more money off of clients.

“Not every tax do we want paid by the inhabitants of Bridgewater,” explained Superintendent of the Town of Bridgewater Bob Holton. “We desire some of the taxes paid by those coming through the town, who use our streets, use our parks, use our town services.”

That still interests small tobacco business owners. A lot of times when clients walk into a shop, they are looking to purchase not just cigs, but other objects as well. What shop owners are worried about is if there is a tax on their tobacco product, clients will head elsewhere and they will not visit Bridgewater Shops to purchase the items that they desire.


New Plan to Sell Plain Packaging Cigs

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

cheapest kent cigaretteApproximately two thirds of inhabitants support the new legislation to moves to sell cigs in plain packages, explaining that tobacco industries will soon lose the fight to protect their brands’ originality. The state government will soon publish a consultation for to examine the new plan to remove all branding from all cigarette packages which are sold in England. The new decision has been accepted by state health groups too.

“Package designs are used for to advertise brand imagine, and also for to distract the attention of young people from cigarettes health warnings,” reported Professor John Britton, director of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Investigations. “Putting cigarettes into plain packages creates no problem for smokers who want to continue to purchase the smoking products, but it also protects kids and teenagers from becoming familiar with and perhaps identifying with specific brands.”

Branded cigarette packages are considered significant to the state profits of the tobacco companies, which are mounting a destructive lobbying campaign to maintain their rights to distinguish their smoking products.

But an independent investigation of 10,000 adults, leaded for Action on Smoking and State Health, found that 62% of people support plain packs while only 11% of them oppose it. The study also found that only 6% of investigated people believe that the cigarette industry can be trusted to “tell the real truth”.

Ash also declared that almost eight out of 10 people support smoke-free regulation, with the majority of the public in favor of such a legislation on smoking cigarettes in public places and on tobacco advertisements.

Outdoor Smoking Ban Restrict Smokers Freedom, Georgina News

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

cheapest pall mall cigaretteGeorgina is one puff away from establishing smoking ban in York Region in outdoor places. If it passed, inhabitants would not be permitted to light up at any park, beach and playgrounds. The Holland River Unit of the Canadian Cancer Society commended Georgina council for “enforcing this important law for to protect the health of inhabitants young and even old” and being set to join more than 60 other “towns” across Canada that have already passed such a legislation that created outdoor smoke-free places.

Jackson’s Point inhabitant Larry Rudd and Toronto resident Dr. Abe Friesner said evidences of negative effects of outdoor cigarettes smoke

Both men registered official opposition to the ban because they say evidence of negative health affects of outdoor tobacco smoke remain indecisive and this ban will restrict the freedom of those inhabitants who smoke tobacco products.

Allowing employees to smoke under the awning walk at the back of the Civic Centre does not break any legislation since following investigation exposed such a regulation only applies at bars and of course at restaurants. Council had also asked staff to investigate the smoking problem of whether the ordinance restricts inhabitants’ freedom under any existing Canadian code or privilege.

Town lawyer confirmed to staff the town is not in violation of either the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the Human Rights Code.

“Passing an ordinance such as this is, and so, not unlawful is permitted for reflection by section 115 of the Municipal Act, 2001” the new study states. If passed, the town will supply cigarette container bins in strategic places along the perimeter of parks and beaches to tempt people not to litter and to butt out before they enter in parks.