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Ice Cream and Marlboro Cheaper in East Jerusalem

Monday, July 4th, 2011

buy cheapest marlboro cigarettes onlineA Jerusalem resident who works in Tel Aviv has discovered that Strauss ice cream products sold in east Jerusalem are one-third the price of the exact same products sold in the western part of the capital and in central Israel. Shlomi lives in the French Hill neighborhood, but buys ice cream for his daughter in the nearby Arab neighborhoods of Beit Hanina, Shuafat and Sheikh Jarrah.

“The price of ice cream bars has become very expensive recently,” he tells Ynet, “and the same products are sold there for ridiculous prices.

“A Popsicle sold here for NIS 2.5 (72 cents) and in Tel Aviv for NIS 3.5 ($1) is sold there for only NIS 1 (29 cents). A simple Cornetto sold in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for NIS 7.5 ($2.16) is sold there for NIS 2.5. Why?”

Shlomi visited Strauss’ website and asked the same question. “They wrote me back, claiming that they have no control over their prices. There’s a recommended consumer pricelist, but they can’t limit the prices.

“I think it’s impossible. There are differences between cities and neighborhoods because of rent prices and types of population, but here we see price differences of 150% or more.”

‘Other products not much cheaper’

According to Shlomi, the price differences are not the result of the cheaper rent and much lower income of the local population, in light of the prices of other products in the Arab neighborhoods’ stores.

“It’s just the ice cream. The rest of the products are not much cheaper than in stores in the Jewish sector,” he says.

“Cottage cheese costs NIS 7 ($2) there, 1 liter of Heinz ketchup costs NIS 17 ($4.90), six bottles of Neviot water cost NIS 14 ($4), and pasta costs NIS 7-8 ($2-2.30). Marlboro cigarettes cost NIS 22 ($6.35) there while we pay NIS 24 ($6.95), but that’s a small difference compared to the strange differences in ice cream prices.

“If Strauss Ice Cream are not giving them a special price, how is it possible that all other products are sold for prices similar to the Jewish sector? It’s impossible that the store is willing to sustain such big losses on ice cream. Could it be that the company has decided to absorb the losses to gain a large amount of sales?

“I believe it’s in Strauss’ interest to sell to one population at rock bottom prices and to another at high prices. It’s a trend. I saw the ice cream cases arriving at one of the stores there, and it says ‘sector’ on it, because it’s a special production with Arab captions, and I believe the price is special too.

“The taste is the same taste and the product’s size is the same size. I have to buy there because I can’t afford ice cream for my daughter at the current prices.”

Strauss Ice Cream said in response, “The consumer price is not determined by us, but by the retailers themselves. Strauss Ice Cream has a uniform pricelist for all products. It should be noted that the variety of products offered by the company includes products designated for different sectors.”

Reinsurance Over Guernsey Tobacco Licence

Monday, July 4th, 2011

buy cheap classic cigarettes onlineGuernsey’s Health and Social Services Department is reassuring retailers over the cost of the re-introduction of a tobacco licence. The licence will require wholesalers and retailers to buy a sales licence, raising concerns about the cost.

But officials say details have yet to be finalised and it may work on a sliding scale based on turnover or even be covered by a tobacco and Classic cigarettes tax.

It is one of a number of measures designed to control tobacco smoking.

Protecting Youth from Smoking Flavored Tobacco

Monday, July 4th, 2011

karelia cigarettes onlineThe Sarasota County Commission took a bold step last week by unanimously passing a resolution urging local vendors to cease the sale and marketing of all candy-flavored tobacco products like Karelia cigarettes. The resolution also urges residents not to purchase or use candy-flavored tobacco products in Sarasota County.

Moved by the testimony of three youths, the commissioners approved stronger enforcement against tobacco-use near playgrounds at parks, in order to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke.

This is a big victory for the Sarasota County youths who are part of a Florida organization, Students Working Against Tobacco.

Comprised of middle and high school students, the members of 12 SWAT Clubs in Sarasota County passionately work to enlighten their peers and the community by counteracting pro-tobacco messages glamorizing tobacco use. Affecting policy change is part of their plan to work toward a tobacco-free future.

Under the federal Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, the sale of cigarettes containing certain flavors — other than menthol — is illegal.

The law does not prevent the sale of menthol cigarettes or flavored tobacco products such as cigars, hookah or “snus,” a type of smokeless, spitless tobacco similar to snuff.

Because not all flavored-tobacco products are illegal, support for the county resolution is imperative for protecting our youths.

Ex-Tobacco CEO is UF Trustee

Monday, July 4th, 2011

cheapest viceroy cigarettes onlineA year after banning tobacco on campus, the University of Florida is welcoming the former chief executive of a major tobacco company to its Board of Trustees. UF marked the one-year anniversary of its tobacco-free policy on Friday. Officials have deemed the policy to be a success due to anecdotal evidence, lacking statistical evidence other than figures showing participation in Viceroy cigarettes smoking cessation programs increased before the ban but dropped in the past year.

In the week before the policy’s anniversary, the Florida Board of Governors named former Reynolds American CEO Susan Cameron to be a UF trustee. The naming of the retired head of the nation’s second-largest tobacco company to the board troubles some members of the campus community.

“It’s certainly not the model of business ethics that I think the University of Florida should be promoting,” said Dr. Scott Tomar, a professor of community dentistry and behavioral science at UF whose research interests include tobacco use and its effects on oral health.

He added, “It’s inconsistent with the mission, certainly of the Health Science Center, given that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease.”

Cameron, formerly Susan Ivey, could not be reached for comment. A UF graduate, she has served on the UF Foundation board and endowed a professorship in international business. She was the first woman to lead a U.S. cigarette company and retired this year after more than six years at the company’s helm.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes noted that Cameron forged a successful career with one of the country’s largest companies.