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Japan Tobacco Advances on Domestic Shipment

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

cheap beverly cigarettes onlineJapan Tobacco Inc. rose the most in six weeks after saying it planned to resume shipments of all Beverly cigs and other cigarette brands disrupted by the March 11 earthquake earlier than previously announced.

The world’s third-largest publicly traded cigarette maker climbed 4.3 percent to 312,500 yen as of the 11 a.m. break on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, its biggest gain since May 13. The benchmark Nikkei 225 Stock Average added 1 percent.

Japan Tobacco will restore deliveries of all brands by July 18 instead of early August, as it had planned earlier, the company said yesterday. The 9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami forced Japan Tobacco to suspend all domestic shipments for 12 days, with cigarette brands gradually returning to production after that.

“Japan Tobacco can finally move on,” Mitsuo Shimizu, an equity analyst at Cosmo Securities Co. in Tokyo, said by telephone today. “The impact from the earthquake has started to diminish.”

Domestic sales fell 38 percent to 7.2 billion cigarettes in May, the Tokyo-based company said June 10. They plunged 81 percent in April.

Loma Linda Prohibits Marijuana

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Doina cigarettes onlineDespite uncertainty over whether courts will later invalidate the move, the city has become one of many in California to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The ban, approved Tuesday, replaces a moratorium that had been in place since 2009, as the city waited for courts to decide whether a ban was allowed under state law.

When the main case they had been watching avoided addressing Doina the question directly, the City Council saw the time remaining until the moratorium expired was dwindling and decided to act.

The largely Seventh-day Adventist city – where residents attended a recent council meeting to oppose plans for a McDonald’s – couldn’t afford to risk the dangers to health and safety residents thought dispensaries would bring, said Mayor Rhodes Rigsby.

“We had a hard time getting people to accept the possibility of a burger joint, let alone a joint joint,” Risgby said.

Rigsby said the concern wasn’t to enforce morality but to guard against misuse and keep the city clean.

“My personal beliefs on this probably don’t matter to most people, but my belief is that marijuana – like other herbally derived medicine – does have some use,” said Rigsby, who is also an internal medicine physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center. “My concern is the overuse for questionable reasons like a sense of unease…. That’s just my belief as a physician.”

Proponents of medical marijuana, though, say it’s the only medicine that works for some people and that bans make it impossible for people to legally obtain it for that treatment.

Those ranks include attorney Roger Jon Diamond, who on June 20 convinced the 4th state District Court of Appeal to keep an Upland dispensary open while it considered whether state laws allowing medical marijuana use prevent cities from banning it.

“Would you shut down a pharmacy because maybe somebody is misusing a pill or something, when the great majority, maybe 95percent, use it right?” Diamond asked. “The thing that’s wrong-headed about what Loma Linda apparently did (Tuesday) night, is that the city did have authority under regular nuisance ordinances to shut it down if it was creating a nuisance or not operating according to state law.”

City Attorney Richard Holdaway said the law – which will be enforced by measures like fines and code enforcement, in an effort to avoid constitutional issues associated with criminalizing it – is on solid ground.

“All the cases have been favorable to the cities,” Holdaway said. “This recent stay (in Upland) doesn’t really overturn any of those decisions…. If courts (change course), we would certainly review our ordinance and comply with any applicable decisions.”

E-Cigarette Won’t Help Smokers Quit Smoking

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

viceroy cigarettes onlineThe e-cigarette is being marketed in the Philippines as a “safer way” to smoke or to quit smoking Viceroy, but the Health department does not endorse this as an alternative way to smoke.

The Department of Health (DOH) even claimed it will not help people to quit smoking.

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Quitting has never been easy for most smokers in the Philippines. Despite the strong campaign of the Department of Health, local government units, and other private organizations, achieving a 100 percent cigarette smoke free country is still proving to be an uphill climb.

This probably attracted a Hong Kong-based business firm to invent the so-called e-cigarette.

The Health department recently issued a public advisory e-cigarettes falls into “a category of consumer products designed to deliver nicotine into the lungs after one end of a metal or plastic cylinder is placed in the mouth, like a cigarette or cigar and inhaled to draw a mixture of air and vapors from the device into the respiratory system.”

The US Food and Drugs Administration also stated the e-cigarette is not healthy and cancer-free as many people believed.

Though e-cigarette is not yet included in the anti-smoking campaign in Baguio City, the public is nevertheless warned about its effects.

Doctors Call For a Ban on Smoking in Cars

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

cheap style cigarettes onlineThe Welsh Government should pass a law that would ban drivers from smoking Style in their cars, the British Medical Association has said. A motion passed yesterday at the annual conference of the doctors’ union in St David’s Hall, Cardiff, called for legislation to be introduced by all governments in the UK to tackle the issue of smoking while driving, to protect the health of other passengers and to increase the safety of other road users.

The motion, put forward by members of the Public Health Conference, is aimed at protecting vulnerable passengers such as children, who are unable to protect themselves from the damaging effects of secondhand smoke.

Dr Mark Temple, chairman of the BMA’s Welsh Committee for Public Health Medicine and Community Health, said he hoped the Welsh Government would lead the way on the issue.

“There is good evidence that the public think this should be done. If you believe that it is the duty of the public to protect children then you must support this motion. Smoking is bad wherever it may be involuntarily imposed on people.

“It’s quite obvious that people who smoke in cars do not just put themselves at risk, they also put other road users at risk. People are distracted by trying to light their cigarettes and if they then drop it there’s a sudden distraction because they are getting burnt. Fires and cars do not mix very well.

“Banning smoking for drivers is also likely to reduce the number of deaths on the road and would probably save the NHS in Wales a substantial amount of money.

“Tobacco is an addictive product. We do not allow drug addicts to drive under the influence, but we are happy to allow drivers to drive under the influence of tobacco.

“It would be wonderful if Wales could show the way for other countries in this.”

During the debate, Dr Douglas Noble told the conference that smoking in a car is more damaging to a person’s health than breathing in exhaust fumes.

He said: “In cars, particle concentrations are 27 times higher than in a smoker’s home and 20 times higher than in a pub, in the days when you could smoke in public places.

“It would be safer to have your exhaust pipe on the inside of your car than smoke cigarettes in terms of fine particular matter released.

“A ban would protect pregnant women and children.”

But some medics told the conference that the law would be difficult to enforce and would be a step too far towards totalitarianism.

Dr Mark Sanford-Wood from the South West regional council, said: “This motion seeks to criminalise ordinary, decent, law-abiding folk who simply choose to smoke. Reducing people’s tobacco consumption is an enlightened goal that is not helped by taking a giant stride in the direction of totalitarianism.”

But Dr Temple said there were other examples of legislation that had been passed to improve the safety of drivers, which had overcome these problems.

He said: “The same argument was brought in about seat belts. The evidence is there that overnight there was an increase in the uptake of seatbelts.

“If you really wanted to prove that somebody was smoking while they were driving, you could do tests to check levels of nicotine, then do another test after an interval, but I do not envisage that would be required.”

A spokesperson from the Welsh Government said: “We welcome the debate on whether we should ban people from smoking in cars carrying children. Children are not able to protect themselves.

“Reducing children’s exposure to second-hand smoke will help to protect the most vulnerable in society and promoting smoke-free cars carrying children will bring home toŠ parents and othersŠ the riskŠ their smokingŠ poses to the health ofŠ children.

“We recognise that the time is right to champion new approaches to further protect children from the harms of second-hand smoke.

“We are currently looking at the responses before considering the next step.”

Should UK Smoking Ban be Prolonged?

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

high quality gauloises cigarettes onlineSmoking Gauloises has now been outlawed in pubs and restaurants for several years. Already the health benefits can be seen with fewer deaths from smoking-related illnesses such as heart disease. With such a positive health response is it now time to consider extending the ban further?

Perhaps the UK could follow the example of New York where city chiefs have outlawed smoking in all public places – such as streets and parks?

Or do you think that is a step too far?

Maybe you think smoking should not be banned anywhere – and that stopping smoking is a massive infringement of civil liberties.

Rocky Mount Retards the Increased Tax on Cigarettes

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

best marlboro cigarettes onlineAlmost 60 percent of Mason Haynesworth’s revenue at Chillin Smokes on Franklin Street comes from cigarettes. He’s worried about how an impending town Marlboro cigarette tax of 10 cents per pack — which had been set to begin on Friday — will affect his business.

“I’m going to have to pocket it,” he said of the added expense. “If I go up a dollar a carton, there’s a store less than a half-mile down the road that will have a dollar to play with” in their pricing.

But Haynesworth will be able to put off the tax a little longer.

The Rocky Mount Town Council approved the new tax two weeks ago as part of its $8.5 million 2011-12 budget, but preparations to collect it aren’t finished. The town estimates it will raise $125,000 from the new tax. The cigarette tax is now scheduled to go into effect Aug. 1, but that date could change as town officials complete details, said Town Manager James Ervin.

For now, some retailers are confused about how the tax will be collected. Johnny Singleton, owner of Riverside Minute Market, said he thought the distributor who supplies him would be responsible for the tax and provide the tax stamps on the packages.

Haynesworth thought each retailer would have to buy rolls of the stamps from the town at $1,500 a roll for 1,500 stamps to account for the tax.

Both situations are possible, Ervin said. The distributors could buy the stamps, or if retailers find themselves with unstamped merchandise, they can purchase a roll of stamps. As soon as details are solidified, the town will focus on educating the retailers, Ervin said.

Singleton acknowledged how difficult the decision must have been for council members but said he thought it was unfair to tax a select group.

“Everyone needs to pay their fair share,” he said.

The tax won’t change the shopping habits of Melissa Goodman, who lives near Singleton’s store. But retailers fear people will start shopping in the county, which like all Virginia counties except for two in Northern Virginia cannot levy a cigarette tax.

“People are still going to buy them, but they will aggressively shop” for the cheapest price, Haynesworth said.

Kimberly White, with TNC Oil and Grocery just outside the town limits, expects her family’s business to benefit from the tax. A smoker herself, White said she would ride just up the road for a cheaper pack of cigarettes.

Some 30 cities, 43 towns and two counties receive revenue from the tax, according to a 2009 report by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

Town officials originally proposed a 20 cents per pack tax, but town council decided on 10 cents, with a plan to revisit the tax in six months.

“Taxing is extremely difficult,” Ervin said. “No one likes taxes, but everyone has certain service level expectations. And we want to meet them.”

Vinton began taxing cigarettes in August 2009 at a rate of 20 cents per pack and has collected $292,548 for the nearly finished fiscal year, according to Barry Thompson, the town’s finance director.

In much more populous Roanoke, city officials project revenue from the tax will hit $2.34 million, or about 2 percent below budget, according to Ann Shawver, the city’s finance director. Revenue from the tax — the region’s highest rate — has declined about 7 percent from the prior year.

Salem has collected $365,000 in revenue so far this fiscal year from its cigarette tax, though like Roanoke, that figure has been in decline in recent years, according to city spokesman Mike Stevens.

Staff writers Mason Adams and Brian Kelley contributed to this report.

City Council Reviews Tobacco Ordinance

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

best prima lux cigarettes onlineThe city of Elk Grove is poised to craft a tobacco ordinance that is modeled after the sex offender ordinance city leaders passed last year. If passed by the Elk Grove City Council later this summer, the tobacco ordinance would prohibit smoking Prima Lux in public if the smoker is within 2,000 feet of an amusement center, day care center, playground, park, school, or youth sports facility.

At the June 22 council meeting, Elk Grove Police Chief Robert Lehner said a large number of the roughly 100 tobacco retailers in the city are in what would be the proposed exclusion zone. Instead of going after retailers to limit access to tobacco, Lehner said the city would go after users to limit exposure of tobacco and secondhand smoke on children.

“What that would do is prevent smoking in a certain area,” Lehner told the council.

Council members said they supported the ordinance, although Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick said twice during the meeting and once after the meeting that he wanted an ordinance that was even more restrictive, such as no smoking in public places throughout the city.

“I would like the council to be more restrictive than liberal,” Detrick said at the start of the council’s discussion.

He echoed that sentiment at the end of the council’s discussion and said later that his main goal was to protect children.

The council on Feb. 23 discussed whether to adopt ordinances to potentially improve the health and safety of local children based on alcohol, tobacco, and firearms activities and sales that were near schools and non-residential day care facilities.

Council members decided at that meeting to not to regulate firearms and that issues dealing with alcohol would be handled through the recently adopted changes to the city’s zoning code.

The discussion also came up earlier this year when parents whose children go to a daycare facility in the same shopping center as the smoke shop Illusion voiced concern at a council meeting about their kids being exposed to second-hand smoke.

But city staff noted Illusion is in its location by right near the daycare facility that has a conditional use permit.

The ordinance, if passed, would still allow Illusion to remain in operation but prohibit smokers from lighting up in the parking lot at the northwest corner of Laguna and Franklin boulevards since the business is close to the daycare center.

In addition, the city plans to go after vendors who lack a special license to sell tobacco products in Elk Grove and have them get their paperwork in order.

Lehner said while all of the retailers have a general business license, just 30 of the tobacco retailers have the special license that allows them to sell tobacco.

“The sheer number of these locations indicates that any attempt to limit the location of tobacco retailers will be ineffective in the short term because these existing sites would be ‘grandfathered’ in,” staff noted in its report presented to the council.

The direction from the council came one day after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled nine, visually graphic health warnings that will be required to appear on every pack of cigarettes sold in the United States and in all cigarette advertisements.

“This bold measure will help prevent children from smoking, encourage adults who do to quit, and ensure every American understands the dangers of smoking,” FDA officials stated in a press release.